Department of Transportation Spends $1.5 Billion on Woke Projects


JustTheNews awards the Golden Horseshoe prize every week to what they consider to be the finest example of wasteful spending of taxpayer dollars. The US Department of Transportation really upped the bar this time around.

The name comes from the 80s when the Pentagon spent $640 per horseshoe-shaped toilet seat for their military aircraft.

It’s coming out of YOUR pocket

This week, however, the concept of “woke” transportation takes the cake. The DoT spent $1.5 billion to promote what they deem as racial equity, environmentalism, and union jobs.

The grants, which are part of Biden’s $1 trillion infrastructure plan, will be administered by the department’s Rebuilding American Infrastructure with Sustainability and Equity plan.

The plan, which is abbreviated as “RAISE”, did exactly that to the eyebrows of the average American who doesn’t dare fathom what transport has to do with racial equity and equality.

Somehow, these projects address climate change, racial issues, and opportunity barriers all at the same time, all for the measly cost of $1.5 billion taxpayer dollars.

The Department of Transportation claims they plan to use the RAISE program to generate good-paying jobs with the choice to join a union, while also incorporating strong labor standards.

Pete Buttigieg came forth with an announcement, claiming the Biden-Harris administration did a huge part in modernizing transportation across the nation.

Woke causes continue to divide us

However, the plan wasn’t exactly received with standing ovations as the left expected and the former HUD Secretary, Dr. Ben Carson, described it as extremely divisive.

In an interview on Fox News, he told Sean Hannity that the program is nothing more than a sad excuse to funnel taxpayer money for the left’s pet projects.

He added that with the previous administration, unemployment rates for minorities were at an all-time low, with high wages and prison reforms being the norm.

Back then, Historically Black Colleges and Universities didn’t have to hope for a handout every year, as they do now; yet the Biden administration gets the bragging rights, having done nothing at all.

In fact, every time the left fights for a woke cause, it ends up dividing the communities even more; although it’s safe to say that no one is surprised by that anymore.

Just take a look at BLM and how the movement brought so much to everyone but the people they supposedly stand for…

Favoring one group over the other is always bound to create tension and by pitting us against one another, the left gets to revel in the chaos they’ve created.

To no one’s surprise, the Department of Transportation didn’t reply to the request for comment on the situation and with such poor reception of their program, it’s likely that they never will.