Tucker Carlson Dives Into Spirituality During Turning Point USA Speech


Many Americans have heard of Turning Point USA. This organization holds conservative events that often feature keynote speakers in the conservative movement.

Many of Turning Point USA’s events happen in different parts of the county where people who are interested can sign up and attend. One of the latest events hosted by this organization was in Phoenix, Arizona.

During this time, Fox News host Tucker Carlson captured headlines with a speech he delivered about spirituality and the presence of a higher power. This speech also went viral on social media, with American sharing their thoughts, according to Red State.

A Closer Look at Carlson’s Speech

Using his own life experiences as a frame of reference, Carlson stated that he’s learned that a higher power does indeed exist.

The Fox News host also went on to say this is a reality that many people throughout different periods of time have intrinsically known. He cited individuals’ moral compass of right vs. wrong as an example.

Furthermore, Carlson warned that dangers can emerge when people believe that they themselves are God. According to the Fox News host, “disaster” and “insanity” follow when people believe they’re God.

Later during his remarks at Turning Point USA, Carlson explained that “wallowing” and “moping” is OK for a period. However, he warned engaging in these states for extended periods of time is “immoral.”

The Fox News host later assured the audience at Turning Point USA that this is a standard he holds himself to as well.

A Different Side to Carlson

Many Americans are familiar with Carlson reporting the news, discussing world events, and talking about the impacts that various political affairs are having on US society.

Therefore, Carlson’s speech at Turning Point USA allowed conservatives to see a differnet side of him. Many conservatives who share the Fox News host’s views on spirituality and faith took to social media to applaud the points he made.

Additional statements made by Carlson, such as the warning that “bad ideas” produce “chaos,” were also widely agreed upon by those in the conservative movement.

There are still a few more days left before the current Turning Point USA event in Phoenix ends. However, the speech made by Carlson will undoubtedly be a stand out for quite some time.

Additional speakers at the event include former White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany, Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, and founder Charlie Kirk.

What do you think about the points Tucker Carlson made in his speech regarding the presence of God, morality, and the existence of a higher power in the lives of humans? Do you agree or disagree with additional statements the Fox News host made in his speech?

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