ABC Producer Abuses Position to Do Political Lobbying

One of ABC’s TV producers, most commonly known for the 2011 affair she had with “To Catch a Predator” host Chris Hansen, apparently used her credentials to gain access to some major names in politics.

A devastating report from NPR shows that Kristen Hentschel, who formerly went by Krystyn Caddell, used her position more than three times to trip up Florida’s politicians on environmental regulations.

ABC News producer Kristen Hentschel paid to sabotage political campaigns

As it turns out, Hentschel never actually worked at the network. She was only a daily hire, confirming she was never actually assigned to work on any of the stories mentioned in the report.

The full report accuses Hentschel of at least four acts of political espionage during her time on the payroll of Matrix, a Florida-based lobbying company. In this period, she’d made claims that would put Joe Biden himself to shame.

On one occasion, she nearly entered the house of a Florida congressman, confronting him about the “crude” jokes he made on Facebook earlier in the day, all while claiming she worked for ABC News.

With such a long track record for lying and deception, it’s hard to tell whether her claim of working as a field reporter on OJ’s 2009 trial is true or not, especially considering what she said about the affair she had only two years later.

Who’d trust a cheater?

According to Hentschel, Chris Hansen, who was 54 at the time, “fooled her” into thinking her marriage was miserable. In a state of disarray, it was that which forced her to enter an affair with him.

However, as many have pointed out before, four months is a long enough time to get things back on track. Hentschel may have just liked getting flown all over the country and staying in all the best hotels a bit too much.

Ultimately, she blamed her failing career on Hansen and the entirety of the industry, claiming that the “women get fired” and that “men keep going.”

Despite all the shows she put on, it’s not hard to notice that Hentschel just loves being in the spotlight. The report found that she was once paid handsomely to try and undermine Florida House candidate Toby Overdorf’s campaign.

She did so by confronting him right before a debate, claiming 20 dead gopher tortoises were found at a construction site he was in charge of, only for a subsequent investigation to find no animals were harmed during construction.

Hentschel is also accused of identifying as an ABC News representative when contacting the then Miami Mayor Phil Stoddard. He was a vocal opponent of Florida Power & Light at the time, which is a company that, coincidentally, had Hentschel on their payroll.