Border Situation Spirals Out of Control at El Paso Crossing


The influx of immigrants at the El Paso, TX crossing has grown immensely in the past couple of days, with Border Patrol reporting over 5,700 illegal aliens have been detained and are in custody this Wednesday alone.

However, the self-surrendering migrants aren’t that much of a concern for the residents of El Paso, but rather those who try to evade the law. This often leads to locals being involved and having their lives endangered.

Migrant surge brings El Paso residents to their wits’ end

The patrol’s acting chief for the El Paso sector stated there’s been around 2,400 daily encounters with migrants over the past weekend and the numbers are only going to grow.

Alejandro Mayorkas, the secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, visited the sector earlier this week to assess the situation. After this, he claimed the Biden administration is communicating with the Mexican government, but refused to go into detail.

Sadly, talking will do little to actually deal with the crisis. The El Paso residents feel overwhelmed with the massive number of migrants coming onto their properties while fleeing from the Border Patrol agents.

One resident, Carmen Wilburn, is concerned for the safety of her elderly father, who lives in their family home and often sees undocumented migrants scaling the fence and running across their yards.

Thousands of illegal aliens on the streets of El Paso

Another one of the residents claims two men running through the neighborhood stopped her car while she was headed to work, pleading with her to give them a ride. She refused, knowing the repercussions her act of kindness may have.

These are only a few of the hundreds of cases of migrants trespassing and confronting the citizens of El Paso. With so many of them running around at all times, it’s perfectly reasonable to be worried for the safety of your loved ones.

Due to the open border policies that the Biden administration put into place, the migrants released by the Border Patrol are camping out on the streets of El Paso, making the city look like the San Francisco Bay area.

In spite of the surge of illegal migrants into the city, there hasn’t been an uptick in crime rates; although the police department did report a robbery targeting four of the migrants at a bus station earlier this week.

Sources from within DHS confirmed over 70,000 illegal aliens evaded law enforcement at the border in November, continuing the trend that started when Biden made it excessively easy for the migrants to enter the US.

As the illegal entries continue to grow in number, Border Patrol is working on contingency plans to start processing the migrants at the point of entry once Title 42 comes to an end on the 21st of December.