Supreme Court Makes a Bizarre Decision for North Carolina Voter Law


Four years ago, the North Carolina Supreme Court approved an amendment to the state’s Constitution, updating the Tar Heel State’s voter law and mandating voter ID at all polling locations.

The law received great support, mainly from Republican lawmakers in the legislature at the time, so much so that it managed to override a veto from the state’s Governor Roy Cooper, who’s been in office since 2017.

Voter ID law abolished for no discernable reason in North Carolina

However, it would turn out the law wasn’t long for this world.

It was struck down in what could go down in history as the Supreme Court’s most contradictory ruling to date, with the justices making the wild claim that it was “unconstitutional.”

According to the Supreme Court, the voter ID law, also known as Senate Bill 824, was put in place with racial discrimination in mind, which could only come to mind if you’ve fully embraced the left’s woke echo chamber.

With no valid reasoning behind the decision, the court ruled while the law seemed harmless at face value, it was hand-crafted to target African-Americans, who were unlikely to vote for Republicans, to begin with.

Not only is this absurd, but also categorically untrue, seeing as 35 other states in the US also require voters to present some form of personal identification before registering to vote.

“Unintentionally racist”

Things are only made worse by the fact the court itself didn’t manage to conclude the ruling with a straight face either, turning it around last second and claiming there’s no evidence of racial animus from the General Assembly.

What this basically means is Republican lawmakers behind the legislature were unintentionally racist; yet they managed to “target voters based on race,” which is a contradiction of the highest order.

In fact, the only real racists in this story are Democrats making the assumption that all black voters will vote for them, especially now that there’s a spike in minority groups, including black communities, slowly shifting towards the conservative side of the political spectrum.

Of course, the left managed to sneak in their run-of-the-mill idea that Republican legislation would have a disparate impact on the average black voter, an argument that can barely hold its own when presented to someone with a shred of intelligence.

The mere fact that North Carolina, alongside three dozen other states went above and beyond to ensure every legal resident can obtain a free voter ID card should be a testament to how completely ridiculous this ruling is.

It’s as simple as taking a stroll to your local DMV and asking for your card.

The fact that someone in North Carolina doesn’t have a voter ID only means they either didn’t want one or were too lazy to go and get it, a concept far too difficult for the Supreme Court to wrap their heads around.