Unusual Medical Case: Man Develops Non-Cancerous ‘Cheesy’ Tumor Post Pfizer Vaccine


In a peculiar turn of events, a 65-year-old man from Los Angeles has developed what has been described as a ‘cheesy’ yellow tumor on his shoulder. This medical anomaly occurred following his inoculation with the Pfizer Covid vaccine, raising questions about the potential side effects associated with the vaccine.

The tumor, which was not infected and confirmed to be non-cancerous, was diagnosed as a pilomatrixoma. This type of growth originates from the base of a hair follicle and is typically firm and painless. The patient had been living with a 3cm lump on his shoulder for over a year before seeking medical attention.

Upon visiting his doctor in Los Angeles, the man underwent a minor surgical procedure to remove the mass. Testing of the tissue post-removal confirmed the diagnosis of a non-cancerous pilomatrixoma. Fortunately, the patient made a full recovery without any recurrence of the lump three months after the surgery.

Pilomatrixomas are relatively rare and can be challenging to diagnose due to their uncommon occurrence and the variety of their appearance. They are often mistaken for other conditions such as granulomas or lipomas. To ensure an accurate diagnosis, doctors recommend performing an ultrasound and examining the tissue under a microscope.

Interestingly, these types of tumors have been linked to various vaccines for different diseases, including influenza and hepatitis. There have been at least two other instances where pilomatrixomas were associated with Covid vaccines, one of which also involved the Pfizer vaccine. However, it is important to note that it is the trauma to the area, such as an injection, that causes the formation of the tumor rather than the vaccine’s contents.

This case adds to the ongoing debate about vaccine safety and the importance of monitoring for adverse reactions. While vaccines are crucial in combating infectious diseases, cases like this highlight the need for continued research and transparency regarding potential side effects.

The California man’s experience serves as a reminder that while vaccines play a critical role in public health, individual reactions can vary. It underscores the importance of patient awareness and the need for healthcare providers to be vigilant in recognizing and addressing any unusual medical occurrences post-vaccination.

As the world continues to navigate the challenges posed by Covid-19 and its vaccines, stories such as this one emphasize the complexity of the human body’s response to medical interventions. It is a call to balance the benefits of widespread vaccination with the understanding and management of rare but significant medical events.