Unprecedented Injustice: Illegal Alien Families Receive More Financial Aid Than Deployed US Troops Under Biden


In a revelation that has sparked outrage among conservative circles and beyond, recent reports have highlighted a disturbing imbalance in the allocation of government assistance. Under President Joe Biden's administration, illegal alien families in New York City are reportedly receiving more financial support than families of US military personnel deployed overseas. This discrepancy not only raises questions about the priorities of the current administration but also sheds light on the broader implications for national security and morale among our armed forces.

According to a detailed report by The Gateway Pundit, based on information from FOX News, illegal alien families in New York City are beneficiaries of a $53 million program that provides them with over $1,400 monthly. This amount surpasses the financial assistance provided to some US military families, highlighting a stark contrast in the treatment of undocumented immigrants versus those who serve and protect the nation.

The issue was brought into sharper focus by Carly Shimkus on FOX News, who outlined the specifics of the program and its impact on military families. The report indicates that while an average military family grapples with a deficit of $1,860 over nine months, a similarly sized illegal migrant family receives nearly seven times more in aid. This disparity is not just a matter of financial inequity but a profound disrespect to the sacrifices made by military personnel and their families.

Further exacerbating the situation is the account of Captain Christopher Wilson, who penned a letter to Congress expressing his concern over the financial hardships faced by soldiers under his command while deployed. The letter detailed how enlisted soldiers receive a basic allowance for sustenance that is significantly reduced during deployment due to meal deductions, even if base dining facilities are not utilized. This results in a net loss of over $200 each month for each deployed soldier, a financial strain that is not adequately compensated by the additional family separation allowance.

The decision by New York City Mayor Eric Adams to pilot prepaid debit cards for illegal migrant families, offering up to $10,000 each in taxpayer money with no stringent checks, stands in sharp contrast to the financial challenges faced by American service members. This policy not only raises concerns about fiscal responsibility but also about the message it sends regarding the value placed on lawful citizenship and military service.

Critics argue that this imbalance reflects a broader trend under the Biden administration of prioritizing the needs of illegal immigrants over those of American citizens and, more specifically, over those who risk their lives for the country. The financial disparities underscore a troubling disregard for the welfare of military families, who often endure significant sacrifices and hardships in service to the nation.

As debates continue to swirl around immigration policy and military funding, the situation highlights a critical need for reassessment of priorities. Ensuring that American service members and their families are adequately supported should be a paramount concern, above the provision of generous aid to those who have entered the country illegally.

The outcry over this issue serves as a rallying cry for conservatives and all Americans who value fairness, respect for the law, and the immense contributions of our military personnel. It is a stark reminder of the need for policies that honor and support those who serve, rather than undermining their sacrifices with misplaced generosity towards illegal aliens. The Biden administration must address this injustice and realign its priorities to reflect the values and needs of the American people, especially those who serve in uniform.