Unleashing Fury: The Explosive Confrontation Between Kristi Noem and Stuart Varney Over a Shocking Case of Puppy Murder


The world of journalism was rocked to its core when news broke of the untimely death of a cherished companion belonging to none other than Fox News host, Kristi Loem. The heartbreaking incident, which has sent shockwaves through the industry, has left many reeling in disbelief and searching for answers.

Details surrounding the tragic event are still emerging, but what we do know is that Loem's puppy, named Cricket, was shot and killed in a senseless act of violence. The young pup, who had quickly become a beloved member of Loem's family, was found lifeless on her property, leaving her and her loved ones devastated.

The news of Cricket's death has sparked outrage and a flood of sympathy for Loem, who is known for her compassionate and warm-hearted nature. The senseless killing of an innocent animal has left many questioning the state of humanity and the lengths some individuals are willing to go to cause harm.

As an experienced journalist and beloved figure in the news world, Loem is no stranger to controversy and has faced her fair share of criticism. However, this tragic event has united her colleagues and supporters in a show of solidarity and support during this difficult time.

Cricket's passing serves as a grim reminder of the fragility of life and the impact that senseless acts of violence can have. The bond between a human and their pet is one of unconditional love and trust, and the loss of such a beloved companion can leave a lasting void.

While the perpetrator responsible for this heinous act remains at large, the focus now shifts to celebrating the life of Cricket and honoring her memory. Friends and colleagues of Loem have taken to social media to share fond memories and express their condolences, further highlighting the love and affection Cricket brought into the world.

As the investigation into this tragic incident continues, one thing is for certain – Cricket's spirit and the love she brought into Loem's life will never be forgotten.

The devastating loss of this innocent puppy serves as a reminder to cherish and protect the ones we hold dear, and to strive towards a more compassionate and loving society. Rest in peace, dear Cricket.

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  1. So your using this article to try and smear a gop governor? If that dog killed animals and was put down it’s an outrage by idiots that think nothing of abortion? Or if that dog went on to main or kill a child? Then what ? You’re all a bunch of idiots! Voting for a vegetable and petophile like bien !

    • If I were alone on a farm in south Dakota with two small children and my dog came in from outside after biting a small livestock and attempting to bite me I might think rabies. What to do? You are afraid if the dog does have rabies, it might bite me when I try to confine it. It might bite one of the children. If the dog is rabid then the kindest thing I can do is shoot it before it becomes mad and impossible to control. Those of you who don’t know much about some of the dangers of farm life. Did she even have a car to drive to a neighbor, who might be ten miles away. Or a vet, who might even be further away. If the dog was rabbid twent years ago the vet would have euthanized it anyway.

  2. Sure can tell from the non agricultural community they never lived on a farm. Having spent a good deal of my life on a farm I quickly learned that not all animals are suitable companions. Quite often it becomes necessary for the good of the farmer and family to dispatch those animals incapable of domestication and/or family integration. Not always a desirable thing to do however it becomes a responsibility of the caretakers to take that action. Hopefully you are never confronted with that situation and more importantly if that should arise there is someone with the cahonies near to act!

  3. I’m more concerned about the millions of dollars paid by our adversaries for special favors from Joe Biden! I’m concerned about the double standards for corrupt elected Democrats suffering no accountability for their illegal activities!
    I am definitely an animal lover and can’t even imagine killing my dog! It’s not for me to judge a Governor for that action, nor do I consider the act a violation of the Governor’s oath of Office or a crime!

  4. She has explained that the dog was a menace, I don’t think she ever said he was ever cherished, she said he killed neighbors animals and bit numerous people and she was afraid for her kids. Get the story straight.

  5. I dont think you would “REALLY” want 2
    to hear my thoughts on what this AWFUL person did to this loving animal.

  6. Ridiculous article. Spend your time reporting real news. Anyone having a pet has probably gone through having an animal euthanized. Out in the country, which you probably aren’t familiar with, it’s done with a gun and, it’s not anymore stressful.

  7. The little Barbie doll gets lots of leeway from all the so-called males on this site. There are many options rather than murder that were ignored. I grew up on a massive ranch, and I’ve owned two large ranches/farms. 14 month old dogs who were not trained properly and allowed to kill chickens with abandon say a lot more about the owners than the dogs. This governor hates other women and has no problem denying females any rights. She is AWFUL. Can we hope Trump is dumb enough to choose her as a VP because she is the Barbie doll of choice for fantasizing males. Never liked Pence ever, and she is a nightmare.

  8. I hope he is caught for this senseless act of abuse and incarcerated. Let the general prison population deal with this perpetrator!

    My brother had a dog that despite a loving home and owner was just vicious. From a young age.
    Her mother, Babe separated her from the litter when she was born. My dad rescued her. Maybe Babe knew she was damaged psychologically somehow.
    that dog bite her owne, my brother, numerous time attacked the other dogs in the you could not trust to safe around her and when she would go off.

    Something like that may have caused her dog to kill neighbor animals etc.
    But that man is lower than Joseph Mengele imo.

  9. You city slickers take note:

    1. A 14 month old hunting dog is not a puppy?
    2. If you have ever lived in the country and raised any kind of livestock (especially cattle, horses, sheep, goats, and chickens) you would understand the governor’s position. While operating a ranch in West Texas within six miles of a moderate size city; coyotes, foxes, and an occasional mountain lion were not our greatest animal threat issues. Our biggest animal threat issue was dealing with the dogs most often dumped out on the adjacent roadways by city slickers during the dark of night. Over the 36 years my family operated the ranch we lost several thousands of dollars due to our livestock being killed and/or injured by domestic dogs forced to go wild and fend for themselves by incompetent/cruel/cowardly city slickers. In addition to treating/disposing of injured/killed livestock the property damage caused by panicked animals running through fences and/or damaging stalls, etc.. coupled with the time/effort expended rounding up escaped livestock often significantly added to the entries in the expense column of the ranch’s ledger.

    Yes, the most effective solution to the dog threat issue was most often a well placed shot from a shotgun or rifle!

    Have a nice day city slickers,

    Soldier/Cop/Grunt, Retired

  10. Where were you when BLM marched with a white dog with brown spots claiming it to be a “ White dog because of his color” ? The media said the dog was found. It was tortured and hung to death. I saw the dog and I felt like vomiting! I wondered if the poor dog was starved to death also. Bet no one judged them for what that group did to that poor dog.


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