From Supporters to Abandoners: The Surprising Shift of Never-Trump Donors Towards Biden and Israel


The world of politics is often full of unexpected twists and turns, and the recent news of Never-Trump donors shifting their allegiance to President Biden and Israel is no exception. These deep-pocketed donors, who had previously denounced former President Trump, are now backing Biden and his policies towards the Middle Eastern nation.

This sudden change has sent shockwaves through the political landscape and raised eyebrows among the public. So, what could have prompted this unexpected move? Let's delve deeper into this intriguing development.

To fully understand the significance of this shift, it is essential to first acknowledge the history of Never-Trump donors. These are individuals who had adamantly opposed Trump's presidency, citing his controversial policies and divisive rhetoric. Many of these donors had even gone as far as to publicly denounce Trump and pledge their support to his political opponents. However, it seems that the tides have now turned, and these once staunch critics have now become unexpected allies.

One of the main reasons for this change in support is Biden's stance on Israel. During his presidential campaign, Biden vowed to restore the strong alliance between the US and Israel, a promise that has resonated well with these donors. With Trump's exit, they see Biden as a more stable and reliable partner for Israel, which has long been a top priority for these donors. This sentiment is further fueled by Biden's appointment of staunch pro-Israel advocates to key positions within his administration.

Furthermore, Biden's recent actions towards Israel have also played a significant role in winning over these donors. In his first 100 days in office, Biden approved a $735 million arms sale to Israel, reaffirmed the US's commitment to Israel's security, and denounced anti-Semitic attacks in the country. These moves have been praised by many Never-Trump donors, who see Biden's actions as a much-needed show of support for Israel in the face of increasing tensions in the region.

This shift in support has also caused a stir in the political arena, with some questioning the credibility of these donors. Many have accused them of being opportunistic and using their wealth to buy influence and favors from the Biden administration. Others argue that this change in support is simply a strategic move to maintain their political relevance in the current administration. Regardless of the motives behind their actions, one thing is clear: the influence of these donors cannot be underestimated.

The impact of Never-Trump donors now supporting Biden and Israel goes beyond just financial support. Their shift in allegiance could also have a significant impact on the future of US-Israel relations and the overall political climate. With their deep pockets and political influence, these donors have the power to shape policies and sway public opinion. It remains to be seen how this unexpected alliance will play out and what consequences it may have in the long run.

In conclusion, the news of Never-Trump donors abandoning their previous stance and supporting Biden and Israel has sent shockwaves through the political world. From staunch critics to unexpected allies, this shift has sparked curiosity and raised questions about the motives behind it. As we continue to witness the unfolding of this development, one thing is for sure: the power and influence of these donors cannot be underestimated in shaping the political landscape.

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  1. Why is the catch line; “It’s OVER For Biden – This Changes Everything!” when the story reads the opposite?

  2. I do not know,anyone could support biden. He has now condemned Israel of acts against the people who killed over 1000 people in Israel. biden is the worst President, America has had. biden and the Democrats are NOT for America,they just want to destroy America. America at one time was the leading Country in the world.NOW America is about the about # 5 in the world. If Americans do not get how bad biden is, i think we Americans are in big trouble.

  3. I wonder if sleepy Joe will be allowed to wear his “hearing aids” again at the debates so his handlers can give him the responses to Trumps questions and challenges.

  4. I he doesn’t wear those then you will need and interpreter to even come close to understanding those mumbles of his, the man needs to be in a rest home someplace waiting his turn to face his maker.

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  6. Based on your storyline, your article is 100% ass backwards! That’s what happens when your a biased, “woke” entity!


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