Daring ‘Pro-Life Spiderman’ Scales The Sphere in Las Vegas for a Noble Cause



In an awe-inspiring display of courage and conviction, the activist known as ‘Pro-Life Spiderman’, Maison Des Champs, has once again captured the public’s attention. This time, he took his daring climb to new heights by scaling The Sphere in Las Vegas, a structure with a massive 580,000-square-foot exterior. His latest feat was not just a test of physical endurance but also a profound statement in support of the unborn and women facing crisis pregnancies.

Des Champs, who has gained notoriety for his free solo climbs of America’s tallest buildings, chose the bustling city of Las Vegas as his stage, coinciding with the influx of visitors for Super Bowl LVIII. His mission was clear: to jolt the public into a conversation about the fate of unborn children in the nation. This climb, like his previous ones, was a peaceful yet powerful protest against abortion, aiming to raise both awareness and funds for pro-life causes.

The ‘Pro-Life Spiderman’ is no stranger to such activism. He has previously scaled notable skyscrapers such as the Accenture tower in Chicago, the New York Times Building in Manhattan, and the Salesforce Tower in San Francisco. Each climb is a calculated risk, performed without the safety of ropes or harnesses—a method known as free soloing that underscores the gravity of the cause he champions.

On this occasion, Des Champs had a specific goal in mind: raising money for a homeless woman who was pregnant, demonstrating his commitment to supporting women in need. His Instagram video prior to the climb detailed his intentions, showcasing the human side of his activism and his dedication to making a tangible difference in individual lives.

However, his actions did not go unnoticed by law enforcement. Upon reaching the top of The Sphere, Des Champs was taken into custody by the Las Vegas police. Clark County Sheriff Kevin McMahill addressed the situation during a press conference, stating efforts were underway to safely bring Des Champs down from the building.

Despite the legal ramifications, the message of the ‘Pro-Life Spiderman’ resonates with many who share his pro-life stance. His climbs serve as a metaphor for the uphill battle faced by the movement, highlighting the perseverance and determination required to advocate for the voiceless.

Supporters of Des Champs and the pro-life movement can contribute to the cause in various ways. While some may not have the ability to scale buildings, they can still make a difference through donations, volunteering, and engaging in constructive dialogue about the issue.

The ‘Pro-Life Spiderman’ continues to inspire those who stand for life, proving that one man’s bold actions can spark a larger conversation. As he faces the consequences of his latest climb, his supporters look on with admiration, knowing that his ascent of The Sphere was more than a physical challenge—it was a climb for life.