Biden’s Behind-the-Scenes Behavior Raises Concerns


Recent reports reveal a stark contrast between President Joe Biden's public image and his private demeanor, raising concerns about his conduct and capability. Sources inside the White House describe Biden as having a notorious temper, frequently yelling and cursing at aides during closed-door meetings, according to an Axios report.

This behavior stands in stark contrast to his carefully crafted public persona as an amiable, ice-cream-loving grandfather​ ​.

Aides have shared that Biden's anger often flares up when information is missing from briefings, indicating his frustration when he feels ill-equipped to make decisions. This has led to a culture of fear among staff, who reportedly try to avoid one-on-one meetings with the president. No one is spared from Biden's ire, with high-ranking officials, including current Chief of Staff Jeff Zients, having faced his outbursts during crises such as the COVID-19 testing kit shortage in 2021​​.

In addition to his temper, Biden's reliance on notecards during private meetings has raised eyebrows. Former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy highlighted that Biden sticks rigidly to these cards, struggling to deviate from prepared remarks. This dependence has sparked concerns among some donors about his age and cognitive sharpness, especially given that Biden is the oldest serving president in American history at 81 years old​.

Public incidents have also exposed Biden's short fuse. In 2022, he was caught on a hot mic calling Fox News reporter Peter Doocy a "stupid son of a b—-," which further illustrated his tendency to lose composure​.

The president's private remarks about former President Donald Trump have also surfaced, showing a more aggressive side. Reports from Politico indicate that Biden has referred to Trump in extremely disparaging terms during conversations with close aides, reflecting the deep animosity between the two leaders​​.

This behavior is not entirely unprecedented for a president, as many have had tempers behind closed doors. However, the consistency and severity of Biden's outbursts are noteworthy, particularly as they clash with the administration's efforts to present him as a gentle and competent leader​.

Despite these revelations, some in Biden's circle believe showing more of his fiery side could counteract perceptions of him being too old or passive. Nonetheless, the ongoing concerns about his age and mental acuity continue to be a point of contention, particularly as he gears up for a potential re-election campaign​.


  1. He is to old; and even when he wasn’t he was an ineffectual leader. He never did anything of substance when a Senator for decades.

  2. Documented evidence, that he can still make it up FIVE steps. Notice that everyone is carrying a satchel of diapers. Does Marine One have a fold-down changing station ?


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