7,000 Vile Pedophiles Set Loose from California’s Prisons

61-year-old Thierry Armand Costa. Photo: Daily Mail

More than 7,000 absolutely vicious convicted pedophiles – many of them for rape of young children – have been released out on the streets from prisons in California as per the state’s woke “justice reform” after serving ludicrous services, a shocking report has revealed.

Commie California Embracing Pedos?

Thanks to California’s Marxist-Communist progressivist reforms, convicted child rapists and other pedophiles are serving under a year in prison, sometimes even just days, before getting unleashed back in the streets, The Daily Mail has revealed in an investigation.

Its report analyzed a state sex offender database, finding out that criminals guilty of horrifying acts are getting out of prison in no time in violation of their sentencing guidelines.

The revelations are so shocking that former and current sex crime prosecutors have described the situation as “shameful” and “terrifying.”

The California Megan’s Law database shows that more than 7,000 pedophiles convicted of committing “lewd or lascivious acts” with children below 14 were let go the very same year they were imprisoned.

This is Dead Serious

In 365 cases, pedophile monsters convicted of repeated sexual abuse of a child served under 12 months of their sentences. The same is true of 39 cases of sodomy with minors under 16 as well as three cases in which a child was kidnapped with rape intentions.

Samuel Dordulian, a former sex crimes prosecutor in Los Angeles, told the news outlet he was utterly “shocked” by the newly dug-up data, which he called “frightening for society.”

He emphasized justice stats showing “pedophiles don’t get reformed,” meaning they commit the same kinds of crimes again when they are set loose.

Dordulian said the early releases of such criminals were “terrifying” as it would cause “a lot more victimization.”

The report notes that sex offender data could be obtained only for California, and it is unknown whether other states also have similar prison time statistics for convicted pedophiles.

48-year-old Carlos Alexander Nahue. Photo: Daily Mail

Very Swift Early Releases For Child Predators

One of the early-release child molesters found in the California database is 48-year-old Carlos Alexander Nahue, a resident of Reseda.

In 2015, he got sentenced for “continuous sexual abuse of a child” but ended up with a two-day prison time and five years of probation.

According to Megan’s Law database, the criminal in question lives three blocks away from elementary school and a block away from a daycare center.

Another pedophile, Noah Thomas Holt, 31, a resident of Watsonville in Santa Cruz County, got convicted in December 2013 of committing “lewd acts” with a child below 14, possession of child pornography, and indecent exposure.

He served less than a year of prison time. His Facebook page shows him on photos with a young girl and informs that he took up a manufacturing job in Scotts Valley, California, in 2014. In 2017, he got convicted of a DUI.

In another horrifying pedophilia case, 47-year-old Gualterio Lopez Contreras was sentenced in 2016 for “sodomy by use of force” and repeated “sexual abuse of a child.”

Even though he got a three-year sentence to be served at Wasco State Prison, the records show he got out in 2016.

61-year-old Thierry Armand Costa, a resident of Mountain View, was also released the same year after, in 2014, he got convicted for using a child “to make child porn” and “lewd acts” with a minor under 14.

His record showed two probation motions in 2015 and even a hearing to have his records removed from the courts, which took place in October 2019.

Costa’s LinkedIn page showed in July 2015, he became the Marketing VP of ENENSYS Technologies, meaning his prison time had been over by that point.