Glenn Youngkin Outlaws Marxist CRT in First Order as Virginia Governor

Banning “critical race theory” became the first thing Virginia’s new Republican Governor Glenn Youngkin did after he was sworn into office on Saturday.

On November 2, 2021, Youngkin beat Democrat contender and former Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe, with 50.6% vs. 48.6% of the votes.

Much of Youngkin’s victory was credited to his staunch opposition to the imposition of wokeness, criticial race theory, transgenderism, and other Marxist ideologies on America’s innocent school children.

Banning CRT and Other ‘Divisive Ideologies’

In his address, as he took over the highest job in Virginia, Youngkin vowed to “restore” both the power of the individual and people’s “trust in government”, as cited by the Daily Mail.

He also insisted parents should have a decisive voice with respect to the education of their children. As soon as he was sworn in on Saturday, the new governor signed a total of nine executive orders, plus two executive directives.

In his very first order, Youngkin banned “divisive concepts in public education,” such as “critical race theory.” This erroneously teaches that white people are the eternally evil oppressors and people of color, and especially black people, are eternal victims.

Just as they are using wokeness and critical race theory to stoke racial “class warfare”, the radical leftists are using transgenderism and “gender” ideology in order to stoke gender-based “class warfare.”

It is widely believed that Youngkin overtook his rival McAuliffe in the gubernatorial race precisely when he promised he would ban critical race theory.

In his first executive order, Youngkin emphasized the teachings of divisive ideologies rob students of the ability to formulate opinions, gain important facts, learn “core knowledge”, and simply “think for themselves.”

He lambasted the Marxist, woke tenets in school for telling students “what to think”, and defended the right of Virginia’s youth to a “far better” education.

Arming Parents with an Opt-Out from School Mask Mandates

In his second executive order as Virginia governor, Youngkin killed school mask mandates by “empowering” parents to decide whether their children should wear face coverings.

It remains to be seen whether Youngkin’s practical repeal of the mask mandate in the state’s schools will be challenged in court.

Technically, it contradicts a law adopted by the General Assembly of Virginia requiring schools to implement measures advised by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in order to curb the spread of COVID-19.

In his executive order, Youngkin explained he has no way of banning the mask mandates, as the decision is reserved for the individual schools.

However, the governor can let parents decide what is “best for their children,” including the right to “opt-out” of the mask mandates.

In a statement on his initial executive orders, the new governor declared his work is just starting.

Youngkin confirmed he will be seeking to “restore excellence in education,” make communities in the state of Virginia “safer,” boost business and job growth, and guarantee the government will be working for the people, not vice versa.