Ukrainians Abducted by Putin to Soviet-Style Labor Camps in Siberia

(Snapshot from social media footage shows Russian proxies east of Mariupol checking Ukrainian civilians for "Nazi"tattoos)

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin’s nauseating war in Ukraine is taking an even uglier turn.

He may literally be abducting Ukrainian civilians and deporting them to de facto labor camps or concentration camps all the way in Siberia, the Asian part of Russia.

If these accusations against Putin are confirmed, that would be nothing short of a harrowing flashback to the most brutal times of the former Soviet Union.

Communist totalitarian leader Joseph Stalin’s mass murderer body count is bigger even than that of Nazi leader Adolf Hitler.

Putin’s Mariupol Massacre Continued in Siberia

While Putin’s brutes have been destroying places all over Ukraine’s map, the most hellish place in Ukraine over the past three weeks has been Mariupol.

Russians managed to isolate Mariupol from the rest of Ukraine quite early on. Hundreds of thousands of residents have been unable to evacuate and forced to endure constant bombardment, while having no food, drinking water, electricity, or heating.

Regardless of all the horrors, the remaining people in the city have vowed to die than surrender to Putin.

This is with good reason. According to the Mariupol City Council, residents of the city who evacuated, but ended up on Russian-controlled territory, have already been shipped off to distant towns in Siberia.

This has some of the harshest climates in the world. Ukrainians shipped there will likely be forced to labor for free for years…and that’s if they are even allowed to go back to Ukraine.

Russia’s forces and the Putin regime repeatedly lied to Ukrainians over recent weeks that they would allow civilians to evacuate. Then, whenever the civilians would gather for evacuation, Russians would bomb them in vicious attacks.

According to the Mariupol City Council, several thousand Ukrainians have been forcibly taken to Siberia by Putin’s regime.

This was after they were first taken through “filtration centers” and their IDs and phones were seized by Russian brutes who “processed” them.

(Snapshot from social media footage shows explosions in Mariupol)

Putin, Like Stalin and Hitler, Leaves the West ‘Appalled’

Russia’s propaganda TV footage showed some of the refugees “thanking” the Russians for supposedly rescuing them.

While this is reminiscent of Stalin’s huge GULAG concentration camp system in the former Soviet Union, Putin’s deportations of Ukrainians are also similar to Hitler’s rounding up of Jews during World War II.

It appears that those unfortunate people have been deported by Putin to Siberia as though they were living in Stalin’s Soviet Union from the 1930s.

Linda Thomas-Greenfield, America’s ambassador to the United Nations, described the reports about deportations of Ukrainians as “disturbing” and “unconscionable.”

UK Foreign Secretary Liz Truss said she is “appalled” by the claims and promised Putin will be held accountable for that.