Wokeness to Face Major Pushback as Ex-McDonald’s CEO Steps Up

(Business Journal PR Network)

Wokeness seeks to cause “class warfare” to destroy capitalism and democracy by pushing racial strife.

Now, it is about to face serious pushback on the corporate level, as a former CEO of McDonald’s is launching an effort to tackle “woke corporations.”

Wokeness Starting to Hurt Corporate Shareholders

Wokeness appears to build heavily upon the playbooks of the murderous communist dictatorship in the former Soviet Union.

In spite of this, numerous corporations have moved all on their own to promote wokeness. This is what Ed Rensi, who ran McDonald’s as a CEO back in the 1990s, is now stepping up against.

Rensi, who is credited as the inventor of the McNugget, and who served as the CEO of McDonald’s in 1991-1997, is forming a group called The Boardroom Initiative, together with conservative advocacy groups, Fox News reported.

The new organization is going to seek to provide the shareholders and employees of public companies with protection against “wokeness” and woke policies.

Wokeness has the tendency to threaten profits, therefore betraying the trust of shareholders who are the ones providing the salaries of corporation staffs.

The Boardroom Initiative is apparently going to wage a real war on wokeness in the corporate world.

It plans to counteract moves by Marxist groups who buy up stocks in order to be able to force the corporation boards to adopt woke policies on race, transgenderism, and gender.

Corporations ‘Have No Business’ Being Political

One of the partners within The Boardroom Initiative is The Free Enterprise Project, an organization that put forth a plan on countering “woke overreach”.

Members of The Free Enterprise Project have bought 2,000 shares of Bank of America, which is now going to allow them to formally propose an anti-woke motion at the next meeting of shareholders.

They are going to demand a civil rights audit to terminate the push for “equity training” of staff based on Marxist critical race theory.

Former McDonald’s CEO Ed Rensi, who is 78, is quoted as saying the corporate obsession with wokeness is causing businesses to fail as far as their duty to shareholders is concerned.

Rensi emphasized that “corporations have no business” to be left or right since they are supposed to represent all shareholders; their single task is “to build equity for the investors.”

He added that board members or executives cannot be allowed to just take the profit of shareholders and squander that on “social matters.”

Rensi, who also served on other boards, such as Great Wolf Resorts, Famous Dave’s Bar-B-Que, and Snap-on Inc, said he himself isn’t politically active.

However, he is passionate about defending the best interest of the shareholders; he said those are getting affected negatively by the increasingly woke policies adopted by publically traded companies.

Besides Rensi and The Free Enterprise Project, the anti-woke Boardroom Initiative is joined by Bernie Marcus, a cofounder of Home Depot, Job Creators Network founder, and the Second Vote, another conservative advocacy group.