Why is Jeffrey Toobin Quitting CNN?

Long-time legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin made waves at CNN several years ago in October of 2020. He masturbated on a work Zoom call without realizing his camera was on.

This got him fired from his main role writing for the New Yorker magazine and also had him given a “leave of absence” from his role as an analyst at CNN

He also has scandals in the past, such as trying to pressure his mistress into having an abortion.

There’s no doubt the guy is a bright legal mind and says all the liberal things CNN wants him to say. This is why the network invited him back to work again last summer.

Now, however, Toobin says he’s quitting. What happened this time?

Why is Toobin Leaving This Time?

Despite 20 years overall on CNN, Toobin said he will be leaving and he “loves” all his coworkers who he worked with over the years.

Toobin, 62, had just come back briefly after his masturbation scandal and last participated in a show on August 3. In this show, he mainly talked about a book he’s putting out on Timothy McVeigh and the Oklahoma bombing which is due out next year.

Toobin admitted his own scandal of jerking off on a call with New Yorker colleagues by mistake was very stupid and he was extremely “sorry,” especially to his wife and kids.

CNN has had a fair bit of turnover, with former CEO Jeff Zucker leaving a few months ago. Many believe he was the main one who wanted Toobin to stay on, so this is likely to be part of the decision.

However, it also seems that Toobin wants to focus more on his book as well.

CNN’s New Boss

To the extent this may have to do with CNN’s new boss, that’s also worth looking into.

Chris Licht took over at the network in May of this year. He has worked to try to sand off some of the rougher edges and taper back the network’s reputation for far-left commentary.

Licht even led to hosts like Don Lemon ranting about being held back from expressing their true views, hurting democracy, and all sorts of wild accusations.

In fact, he’s simply trying to reign in the network’s more out-of-control aspects as an anti-Republican talking points propaganda operation. This comes in hopes that more Independents and conservatives start watching once again.

As a decidedly liberal legal analyst, Toobin represents the old CNN that Licht wants to surpass in many ways.

This may well have a lot to do with why Toobin “decided” to leave after his two-decade contributor stint.

The Bottom Line

Good luck out there, Mr. Toobin!

If nothing else, you could become Biden’s right-hand man and advise him on how to keep jerking around the American people.

This article appeared in Mainstpress and has been published here with permission.