Violence Claims Another Innocent Life in New York

The violent crime wave across the United States is horrifying. It just keeps getting worse. It’s especially bad in large blue cities like New York, San Francisco, Minneapolis, Los Angeles, and Austin.

While criminals don’t respect political borders, crime is getting worse in many red states and red cities as well.

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The lockdowns of the pandemic, coupled with the defund the police movement and low bail reform, have created a crisis situation. There are too many criminals and gangsters out on the streets and getting people killed.

The latest tragic example comes out of Brooklyn, New York, where a young woman lost her life needlessly on Wednesday evening.

What Happened?

Around 6 pm Wednesday evening, a young lady was standing with her friends outside her apartment in Brooklyn’s Crown Heights neighborhood. She was with a few of her friends and just enjoying the evening when two men walked by and started shooting at them.

They fired six rounds and struck the 17-year-old teen in the face. The suspects then ran away and have not been found.

According to an eyewitness who helped call the ambulance, it took 17 minutes to arrive. By the time she got to hospital, the young woman was dead. Her high school, friends, and family are now mourning her loss as the rising basketball star is no longer with us.

It is unclear why the attack happened in the first place, but police do not believe the teen girl was even the target of the vicious gun assault.

New York state legislator Brian Cunningham called the attack “senseless” and said it’s “demoralizing” when violence like this keeps happening.

An Epidemic of Violent Crime

This young lady, whose name has not been released, was the ninth shooting just between Tuesday and Wednesday. In fact, there were 16 injuries from shootings between Tuesday and her shooting on Wednesday.

That’s just New York. As of July, violent crime surged by 31% in New York City. Mayor Eric Adams partly says it’s due to the low bail reforms being put in by some of those in the municipal government.

Last year, New York City had 364 murders. So far, it had 322 homicides in 2022 and we’re only a little over halfway through the year.

The rates are awful in many other parts of the country as well. We see repeat offenders often committing burglaries, rapes, and carjackings, in addition to murder and fraud.

Why is the left so intent on letting violent criminals out of jail? Don’t they care about victims and protecting society?

The Bottom Line

These kinds of senseless crimes are giving New York City a horrible reputation. It is now time to get much tougher on crime and protect our communities once again.

This article appeared in StatesmanPost and has been published here with permission.