USA Today Tries to Normalize Pedophilia, Beaten Back by Backlash

In a recent article and a series of tweets, the USA Today newspaper offered America a shocking glimpse of what an attempt of presenting pedophilia as “normal” actually looks like.

Classic ‘Gender Marxism’ Class Warfare

The sounding out of how to “normalize” pedophilia by the leftist USA Today began with the publication of an article about what the public “keeps getting wrong” with respect to pedophilia.

Its author isn’t some outside “expert,” but a newspaper staff writer, Alia E. Dastagir.

In her pro-pedophile piece, Dastagir cited “experts” as saying pedophilia actually refers to the “attraction to minors” and not the perpetration of “action”; the latter “action” being child molestation and rape.

To top it all off, the article used the classic justification of gender ideology and transgenderism, namely that being a pedophile is a natural condition that is part of human nature.

More specifically, the author claimed pedophilia as a condition gets “developed in the womb.”

Dastagir delved “deep” into the normalization of pedophilia with her deliberations by elaborating some pedophiles never actually abuse children. She even said some who abuse children aren’t actual pedophiles – and just “use them” as sexual partner “surrogates.”

One of the “experts” claiming a “natural justification” of pedophilia is a clinical psychologist named James Cantor. He insisted there is evidence the condition is “inborn” and “neurological.”

Cantor emphasized the term “pedophilia” means “the attraction to children,” not depending on whether the “person”, i.e. pedophile ever harms them.

While the scandalous pedophilia normalization article might not have really caught the attention of the American public, USA Today decided to take its pro-pedophile stance to the next level.

They then heavily promoted the article on Twitter with a full-fledged thread of captions and quotes from the piece.

Outrage Made Pedophilia ‘Complicated’ for USA Today

The brazen attempt at normalizing the sexual abuse of children was immediately met with a public outcry by numerous Twitter users.

These folks have proven they are not devoid of basic human decency, unlike the seeming defenders of pedophilia, such as USA Today.

Among those who commented with outrage was President Trump’s eldest son, Donald Trump Jr., who justifiably cried bloody murder that USA Today actually “tried to ‘understand’ pedophiles”.

He lambasted the newspaper’s article and tweets as “the first step” of the attempt to “normalize” pedophilic behavior.

Right-wing journalist Curtis Houck also reacted with outrage, stating the “liberal media” is “celebrating” and attempting the normalization of pedophilia.

He slammed USA Today for seeking to “destigmatize” sexual acts that pedophiles commit against “little kid.”

Jeremiah Poff, a reporter for the Washington Examiner, wrote that USA Today’s attempt to normalize this likely isn’t the first and won’t be the last attempt.

The public outcry over its obvious defense and promotion of pedophilia forced USA Today to delete the original Twitter thread promoting its article.

It also changed the article headline to say “research” “behind pedophilia” is “complicated.”

The newspaper, however, wasn’t exactly perturbed, as later it began a new Twitter thread with the updated article. It justified the deletion of its original thread by claiming it had been missing “context” and didn’t feature all relevant information.