US: Putin Trying to Fool World with Ukraine War Drawdown Promise

Murderous Russian autocrat Vladimir Putin and his team of negotiators tried to fool the world during Tuesday’s ceasefire negotiations with Ukraine.

Russia tried this with the drawdown of military activities they promised in certain Ukrainian regions. However, it turned out to be nothing but a reposition of their forces for attacks on other regions.

Non-Stop Russian Attacks During Ceasefire Talks

Thousands of civilians have been killed by Putin’s military hordes in Ukraine since he ordered the attack on his democratic, pro-western neighbor on February 24.

During their meeting in Istanbul, Turkey, Putin’s negotiators with the Ukrainians offered as a “goodwill gesture” a “reduction of military activities” in the regions of Kyiv, the Ukrainian capital, and the city of Chernihiv in the northeast.

Meanwhile, the peace offer made by Ukraine’s delegation, led by Defense Minister Oleksyy Reznikov and President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s adviser Mykhailo Podolyak, offered a number of concessions.

They agreed Ukraine would never become a member of the US-led NATO mutual defense alliance and its security would be legally guaranteed by a number of countries, including the United States and Russia itself.

Ukraine also agreed the status of the Crimean Peninsula, which Putin stole from Ukraine during his first attack on the country in 2014, would be discovered over the course of a 15-year-period.

However, many Russian opposition-minded experts emphasized the Russian negotiating team is rather low-profile. Putin will do anything he can to crush and conquer Ukraine, thus using ceasefire talks as a smokescreen for reorganizing his forces for a bigger assault.

(social media footage snapshot shows the destroyed regional governor’s office building in Mykolaiv, Southern Ukraine, after a Russian missile strike right ahead of the ceasefire talks in Turkey)

Can’t Be ‘Fooled’ by Russia’s Lies

Many have cautioned that the Russian troops in Kyiv were badly defeated anyway and couldn’t engage in bigger hostilities, even if they wanted to.

On Tuesday, both the White House and the US Department of Defense said Russian tyrant Putin was “bluffing.” They warned Putin is lying with his promises of a hostilities drawdown in the north and northeast of Ukraine.

Earlier this week, Russia’s Defense Ministry announced it completed “the first phase” of the “special military operation” in Ukraine.

It is now only going to focus on “liberating” the areas in the Donbass region in the east, which are claimed by Russian separatist proxies controlled directly by Putin.

The announcement was nothing but a cover-up for the devastating losses and terrible logistical problems suffered by Russia’s “invincible” military in Ukraine.

John Kirby, the spokesman of the Pentagon, said basically the same thing. People ought not be fooled into thinking the Kremlin would suddenly reduce its military attacks out of goodwill.

This warning comes after all the war crimes Russian troops committed so far in Ukraine.