US Moves to Supply Ukraine with Key Missile Systems to Beat Russia

(Wikipedia photo shows an American M270 MRLS stationed in South Korea)

The United States made up its mind to supply Ukraine with the so-called Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS).

Ukrainians have been asking for this and it has the potential to help them defeat the Russian invaders.

The so-called MLRS would allow defenders of Ukraine to strike Russian forces from much further, compared to any of the missile launcher and artillery weapons Ukrainians have at present.

Russians Paying Dearly for Last-Ditch Offensive

Reports that the US government is now going ahead with supplying Ukraine with MLRS come against the backdrop of crucial developments in the Russian invasion started by Putin on February 24.

Russians have continued to suffer devastating losses. On Saturday morning, the latest brief from the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense showed they surpassed the grim milestone of 30,000 Russian soldiers killed.

Besides that, Putin’s hordes lost a stupefying amount of military equipment – about 8,500 units – so much so that they are now pulling out antiquated 60-year-old T-62 tanks of Soviet-era stockpiles.

On Friday alone, the Ukrainians shot down one Su-35, Russia’s best fighter jet worth $85 million, plus four Russian attack helicopters.

(Pentagon photo shows HIMARS system during tests)

Biden Could’ve Given This to Ukraine Weeks Ago

On Saturday morning, the General Staff of Ukraine’s military was clear it is likely to withdraw Ukrainian troops from the twin cities of Severodonetsk and Lysychansk in order to save them from encirclement by the Russians.

It is against that backdrop that CNN and the New York Times revealed the US government is expected to ship the much-desired, badly needed MLRS to Ukraine this upcoming week.

The reports citing unnamed officials from the Biden administration noted the MLRS in question will be “a game-changer,” as they will allow Ukrainians to strike Russian invaders from hundreds of miles away.

Besides the MRLS, Ukrainians also requested from the US, and seem poised to receive, the so-called HIMARS, which is a more mobile and lighter missile system that can fire ammunition, similar to the MRLS.

According to the insider sources, the Biden administration could have supplied the defenders of Ukraine with the badly needed weapons weeks ago.

However, there have been concerns by pro-Russian figures at the US National Security Council that Ukrainians may use those to fire inside Russian territory.

The latter may hardly be described as a serious objection, considering the vicious genocidal war that Russia started against Ukraine for no legitimate reason whatsoever.

Ukrainian leadership has been careful to avoid any attacks whatsoever on the Russian civilian population. This would make it seem like an aggressor in its own right and deliver fertile food for Moscow’s evil propaganda.

The Ukrainians’ careful approach in question has been visible from their espionage and sabotage campaign in Russia. This has seen some 40 high-profile Russian facilities connected with Putin’s war effort set on fire or even blown up.