US Intelligence Teaming Up with Russian Spies, New Book Reveals

Russian spies appear to have infiltrated US intelligence services in substantial numbers.

This comes at a time when Russian dictator Vladimir Putin is increasingly clashing with the West as he sent his heavily armed military to destroy Ukraine, according to a new book whose author is a former federal prosecutor.

Putin and his Kremlin stooges have been threatening the United States and its allies with World War III or even all-out nuclear war.

Those threats ramped up since the Russian troops invaded Ukraine nearly two months ago.

Russians Recruiting Americans as Spies

According to former US prosecutor Lis Wiehl, a New York Times bestselling writer, Putin’s spies are “almost certainly” all over America’s intelligence services.

Her dreadful conclusion is based on a number of interviews with acting CIA agents and former FBI operatives for her upcoming book entitled, “A Spy in Plain Sight.”

Wiehl emphasized in an interview for The Sun that the revelation about Russian moles in US intelligence services comes at a time when there is a greater need than ever for the United States to correctly predict Putin’s next moves.

Her new book is about Robert Hanssen, who is believed to be the most dangerous Soviet and Russian spy in American history.

Wiehl described her findings as “shocking.” She’s been told not only that the Hanssen espionage story could happen again, but that it likely already is happening.

The author, who was a former federal prosecutor in Seattle, and whose father was an FBI agent, emphasized how crucial it is for America to have insights into the intentions and plans of the Russians, the Chinese, North Koreans, and so on.

She warned America’s own attempts to recruit people to spy on Russia, China, and other adversaries would fall apart if their own spies are already on American soil.

One of the interviews in her book is with Jack Thompson, an FBI Special Agent with 30 years of experience, with 17 years of them as a counterintelligence officer at the US Department of Energy.

Thompson says he is certain there are Russian espionage recruitments taking place at the moment in the CIA, the FBI, and the Energy Department.

He declared “with certainty” that officials of the US Department of Energy “have been recruited” as collaborators by foreign intelligence services.

‘Worst Intelligence Disaster’ in US History

In her interview, author Liz Wiehl pointed to the recent case in which two US Navy engineers in Maryland offered to sell to a foreign country American nuclear warship secrets.

America got lucky in this case because the foreign country in question is Brazil; it is technically considered a partner, if not an ally, to the United States.

The legendary and extremely dangerous Russian spy, Robert Hanssen, whose story Wiehl explored, is presently busy serving 15 consecutive life sentences.

The 78-year-old, who spied first for the former Soviet Union and then for present-day Russia, is held at a federal supermax prison, located in Florence, Colorado.

Hanssen, an FBI operative, went as a double agent spying for Moscow for a total of 32 years, from 1979 until 2001.

He repeatedly gave the Russians information on the US spies in Russia, who were then executed. Hanssen also sold US secrets to the KGB, including America’s strategies in case of a nuclear war.

According to the US Department of Justice, his long-term espionage for the enemy is likely “the worst intelligence disaster” in the history of the United States.