Unspeakable Horror Stories: Latest Russian Rapes in Ukraine War

(Snapshot from social media footage showing the Russian-committed war crime horrors in Ukraine)

The mass-scale gang rapes committed by Russian soldiers in Ukraine against victims aged between nine months and 78 years are become more appalling by the day

Revelations from a newly liberated region including a one-year-old baby boy who died of his wounds are being raped by the Russian brutes.

Russians Using Gang Rapes to Destroy Ukrainians

Utterly hellish rape cases have been revealed by Ukraine’s Ombudsman, Lyudmila Denisova.

There have been absolutely harrowing cases of rapes against Ukrainian civilians of all ages by the Russians.

The rapes in question are just some of the nearly 11,000 war crimes already established by the Ukrainian government.

The utmost, incomprehensible brutality of the previously exposed rapes made global headlines, but the newly reported cases are sound even more atrocious.

The likely war crime tribunal sentences are going to follow in order to punish the Russian monsters committing genocide, crimes against humanity, and war crimes against the Ukrainians.

However, this may be of little help to the desperate victims of the incredibly nauseating sexual violence. This is believed to have been sanctioned personally by Putin.

(Snapshot from social media footage showing the Russian-committed war crime horrors in Ukraine)

Harrowing Reports From Liberated Villages Near Kharkiv

The “fresh” batch of hellish rape cases was discovered after the liberation of towns and villages near Kharkiv.

The latest public statement by Ukraine’s Ombudsman Denisova includes the revelation about the one-year-old baby boy raped by an unspecified number of Russian soldiers.

This left the baby with wounds so severe that he died shortly after the assault.

Another case saw Russian troops gang rape three girl triplets, aged nine. They raped the innocent children right in front of their mother’s eyes.

Also in the region of Kharkiv, in another pedophile rape, a two-year-old girl somehow survived the appalling wounds she suffered at the hands of the vicious Russian beasts.

Among the crimes in question are also the rapes of two 10-year-old boys, and two elderly men, one aged 67 and another aged 78.

Ukraine’s Ombudsman Denisova, who earlier this month said Putin personally gave the order for the mass-scale rapes in Ukraine, announced on Twitter her office received a total of 56 rape reports from the villages around Kharkiv, including eight child rapes.

Ten of the reports, including those of the one-year-old baby boy and the two 10-year-old boys, arrived within just one hour.

Meanwhile, a report exposed comments in an online chat room seemingly left by Putin’s eldest daughter, Maria Vorontsova, 37, a pediatric endocrinologist. She wrote under the pseudonym “Maria V” to justify and even glorify the war against Ukraine.

She literally fumed against Ukraine, but also against the West and gay rights. There was not a word about the brutal rapes of children committed by her father’s monsters.