Ukrainian Woman Defeats Putin, Defends Against Russia

A middle-aged woman from Ukraine scolding a Russian soldier invading her nation delivered a devastating moral blow to Russian autocrat Vladimir Putin and his troops.

The exchange was caught in a video and went viral on social networking sites, just as numbers of other Ukrainians committed acts of unspeakable heroism.

On Friday, it became clear the Ukrainians are resisting quite successfully against the vastly superior Russian forces, even as the Russians were trying to encircle and choke Kyiv.

In order to decapitate the democratic, pro-Western nation of 44 million people, Putin even unleashed in Ukraine a special force of thousands of dreadful Chechen assassins.

Unarmed Middle-Aged Woman vs. Russia’s Might

The brave woman could be seen in a street confronting at least two Russian soldiers who were heavily armed, demanding an explanation as to what they are doing in her country.

She was also cursing them and predicting they are going to end up as “manure” for the Ukrainian soil.

The unidentified woman was asking the Russian soldiers “what the f—” they are doing “in our land” as one of them kept silent; the other one was trying to calm her down.

The soldier could be heard mumbling in response to her domineering questions that he is Russian and part of military drills.

The middle-aged woman kept shouting at the Russian soldiers while trying to give them sunflower seeds to put in their pockets. This way, when they die during the invasion, there will be sunflowers growing out on Ukrainian soil from their bodies.

The sunflower plant is Ukraine’s national symbol. The courageous lady then walked away by telling the Russian soldiers to “go f—“ themselves.

(Snapshot from social media video)

Unspeakable Heroism and Tragic Sacrifices

A total of 13 Ukrainian servicemembers died heroically, defying Putin’s troops while defending the Snake Island, a tiny islet in the Black Sea.

The small Ukrainian island defended only by the 13 troops was approached by a Russian military ship; the ensuing exchange over the radio was recorded and live-streamed by one of the Ukrainian servicemen.

In the recording, the Russian military ship told the Ukrainians to lay down their arms and surrender.

The categorical response from the hugely outnumbered and outgunned group of Ukrainian soldiers was a textbook example of defiance, bravery, and sacrifice.

More specifically, the Ukrainians’ reply was, “Russian warship, go f— yourself!” The tiny islet was immediately and mercilessly bombed by the Russians. All 13 Ukrainian heroes perished.

In another act of immeasurable sacrifice, Vitaly Skakun, a 27-year-old Ukrainian military engineer, sacrificed himself.

He did this to blow up a large bridge over the Dnepr River to hinder the advance of Russian armor north of the occupied Crimean Peninsula.

The bridge in question had already been mined by the retreating Ukrainians, but the radio detonation malfunctioned. Shakun sacrificed his life in order to blow it up manually.

In another striking case of heroism, an unarmed Ukrainian man could be seen trying to stop a Russian military convoy in southern Ukraine from advancing. He did this by standing in front of the armored vehicles.

The vehicles temporarily stopped, then managed to go around him without smashing him, but he persisted.

This occurred in a striking reminiscence of the 1989 “tank man” who tried to stop Chinese communist tanks from crushing the democracy protesters in Tiananmen Square, Beijing.