Ukraine’s Band of Heroes Surrender, Fears Russia Will Execute Them

(Snapshot from the Russian Defense Ministry's footage shows surrendering Ukrainian troops in Mariupol)

The heroes who stunned the world – a band of Ukrainian soldiers who defied the power of Russia and fought off invading Russian brutes for 82 days in the Azov Sea city of Mariupol – surrendered to the mercy of bloody Moscow tyrant Vladimir Putin.

This happened in what was supposed to be a prisoner swap deal. Now, this may see them hellishly tortured and executed by the Russians.

Russia Really Hates Heroic Defenders of Mariupol

The defenders of Mariupol spent the last few weeks fighting off Russian attacks from inside Azovstal. This is a vast, Communist Soviet steelworks factory, which remained the last part of Mariupol free of Russian control.

Mariupol was surrounded by Putin’s hordes early on, after the atrocious Russian dictator invaded Ukraine on February 24.

The defenders of Mariupol wowed the world with their bravery, having managed to tie down and beat Russian forces, helping the rest of Ukraine to repulse the invaders.

The Ukrainian troops in Mariupol consist mostly of troops from the Azov regiment, a unit that was instrumental in stopping the first Russian invasion of Ukraine back in 2014.

They left Putin’s troops back then unable to connect the important parts of Ukrainian territory that they managed to occupy.

Because of that, and their valiant fight in the current invasion, the Azov troops are believed to be particularly hated by murderous Russian dictator Vladimir Putin.


(Snapshot from the Russian Defense Ministry’s footage shows surrendering Ukrainian troops in Mariupol)

Ukraine Relies on Highest ‘International Mediators’

On Monday and Tuesday, however, two groups of Ukrainian troops, up to a total of 959 service personnel, laid down arms, came out of the Azovstal plant, and surrendered to Russians, The Daily Mail reported.

Senior representatives of the Ukrainian government made it clear the surrender is intended to be part of a prisoner of war swap deal with Moscow.

Under this deal, surviving defenders of Mariupol would be saved by exchanging them for captured Russians.

The Ukrainian government abstained from giving any details, apparently seeking to make sure a POW swap deal actually takes place.

As of Wednesday evening local time, great uncertainty about the fate of surrendered Ukrainian hero fighters was looming. There are fears they may be severely tortured and even executed by the Putin regime as revenge for their heroism.

It remains unclear whether Russians have any intention to honor a POW swap deal with Ukraine, considering the fact they have a clear history of violating numerous goodwill promises they’ve given.

To matters worse, initial reports said healthy Ukrainian troops from Mariupol have been taken to concentration camps set up by Russians in the town of Olenivka.

Here, Ukrainian soldiers have previously been tortured, humiliated, and faced with execution threats.

Ukraine’s leader Volodymyr Zelenskyy commented only the “most influential international mediators” are taking part in negotiations with Russians to save the lives of Mariupol heroes.

Considering Putin’s and Russians’ hatred for Ukrainians and the Azov fighters, in particular, along with Russia’s history of violating every promise it’s made, the prospect remains doubtful.