Ukraine Takes War to Russian Soil

(Social media footage snapshot shows the explosion at the Russian ammo depot in Belgorod)

In a significant turn of events, Ukraine pushed back on war from Russia by carrying out a missile strike against a huge ammunition depot on Russian territory.

Ukraine ominously said “karma” can be “cruel” and Russia is starting to “repay its debts.”

This occurred on Wednesday after murderous Moscow tyrant Vladimir Putin ordered the war in Ukraine on February 24.

Powerful Ukrainian Attack Inside Russia

In the two months of fighting so far, Russia has suffered tremendous losses.

According to the latest update of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry, at least 22,400 Russian troops have been killed in the war; that doesn’t include the far higher numbers of those wounded, as well the hundreds who have been caught as POWs.

Wednesday’s explosion at a weapons depot in Russia’s Belgorod also wasn’t officially confirmed by Kyiv. However, a senior Ukrainian government official hinted very strongly that the explosion is the work of Ukraine’s military.

Earlier on Wednesday morning, at around 3:30 am local time, what’s believed to have been a missile strike from Ukrainian territory hit the Belgorod ammunition depot at Staraya Nelidovka.

Russian air defenses in the neighboring regions of Voronezh and Kursk shot down Ukrainian drones, according to the local administration.

The Governor of Russia’s Belgorod region, Vyacheslav Gladkov, announced he was woken up at 3:35 local time by an initial explosion followed by three more blasts. He confirmed the ammunition depot at Staraya Nelidovka was on fire, with no civilian casualties reported.

‘Cruel Karma’ at the Killers’ Warehouses

At about the same time, in Voronezh, a Russian city of more than one million people, there were two blasts heard. RIA Novosti, a Russian state-owned news agency announced later that local anti-aircraft units shot down at least one Ukrainian reconnaissance drone.

A similar situation occurred in Kursk, another Russian city with a population of 400,000, which is located about 60 miles away from the border with Ukraine.

Explosions were heard, but there have been no formal media reports or official statements about the downing of Ukrainian drones or missiles.

There were unofficial reports that Ukrainian drones were shot down over Oboyan, a town in the Kursk region, south of the city. Roman Starovoyt, the Governor of the Kursk region, said “no destruction or casualties” have been registered.

In a remarkable departure from previous comments or refusal to comment, Mykhailo Podolyak, one of the main advisers of President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, indicated it is indeed the Ukrainian military who carried out the attack on Russia’s weapons depot.

Podolyak said on Twitter that sometimes, when you start attacking “another country”, “massively killing everyone there”, and warehouses in your country are used to execute those killings, you will have to repay your debts “sooner or later.”

In his ominous message to Putin, that is a “natural process”, and “karma” becomes “a cruel thing.”