Ukraine Kills 3,500 Putin Invaders, Asks Red Cross to Ship Corpses to Russia

(Snapshot from social media video showing Russian bombardment in Kyiv)

Lionhearted Ukrainian soldiers and civilians not only stood their ground Friday overnight in the battle of Kyiv, but also inflicted staggering losses to the invaders sent to destroy them by Russian dictator Vladimir Putin.

Ukraine’s leadership has urged the International Red Cross to pick up the thousands of corpses and ship them back to Russia.

Ever since Thursday, Ukraine came under devastating Russian attacks via land, air, and sea, from three sides.

Putin thought it would be a great idea to try and conquer his democratic, pro-Western neighbor by force; however, Ukrainians have been resisting valiantly led by their leader Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

Real Meat Grinder for Putin’s Military

In maybe the most notable military successes of the Ukrainians in the vicious battle for Kyiv, between Friday night and Saturday morning, Ukrainian forces managed to shoot down two Russian IL-76 military transporter planes, each one of which was carrying up to 200 Russian paratroopers.

According to the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, the downing of the planes occurred in two different instances, one around 3 am local time, and another around 4 am, at two different locations in the southern outskirts of Kyiv.

In a chilling video statement, Iryna Vereshchuk, Ukraine’s Deputy Prime Minister, announced there were “thousands of bodies of occupiers” lying around the Ukrainian capital.

She called upon the International Red Cross to come in and collect the Russian corpses, and ship them back to Russia. Vereshchuk argued the removal of the dead invaders’ bodies “is a humanitarian need” for the Ukrainian citizens.

She urged the Red Cross to “do what it takes” in order to take care of “this humanitarian problem”.

The Ukrainian Deputy PM also addressed citizens of Russia, calling on them to make sure that no more of their sons, fathers, and husbands are sent to Ukraine to get killed and be returned as dead bodies.

A recent report by ITV News said it obtained documents of the Russian health ministry, showing Moscow prepared for “mass casualties” and was drafting doctors for the war in Ukraine.

As of 7:30 am local time on Saturday morning, the Ukrainian military gave more specific figures about the meat grinder that Putin’s invasion of their country has become.

It said more than 3,500 Russian troops have been killed. 200 invaders have been taken prisoner.

The Ukrainians also managed to shoot down 14 Russian military airplanes, eight attack helicopters, and destroy 102 tanks and 536 other armored vehicles, such as personnel armored carriers, and rocket launchers.

(Snapshot from social media video showing a Russian soldier crying after capture by Ukrainian civilians)

Russians Dress in Ukrainian Uniforms Only to Get Killed

There were numerous cases of Russian infiltrators, including a case in which a Ukrainian military checkpoint was attacked by Russians dressed as Ukrainian police officers.

Therefore, Kyiv’s Mayor Vitali Klitschko announced a curfew from 5 pm until 8 am, saying anyone in the streets during those hours would be considered an enemy saboteur.

Early on Saturday morning, the Russian defense ministry claimed its forces captured Melitopol, a city of 150,000 people near the Sea of Azov coast. However, the British defense ministry rejected the claim.

According to James Heappey, the British Armed Forces Minister, all the Ukrainian targets Putin’s invaders were planning to seize on day one of their attacks are still in Ukrainian hands, even though it is the third day of the invasion already.

He also announced the UK and 25 other nations are all going to send lethal aid and humanitarian aid to Ukraine.

On Friday, Poland became the first to send military aid to Ukraine since the start of the Russian invasion, delivering overland $8 million worth of small arms and ammunition.