Ukraine Destroys $500 Million Russian Warship in New Blow to Putin

(Footage snapshot from Turkish media claiming to show the Russian frigate on fire)

Ukraine’s military scored a fresh big win over the Russian invaders by destroying a top-notch brand-new Russian Navy warship in the Black Sea.

Putin’s Navy Takes Another Severe Blow

If confirmed, the destruction of the Admiral Makarov will be the third case in which the Ukrainians are destroying a major Russian battleship, following the sinking of the Orsk.

The humiliation for Russia and the Putin regime is growing tremendously with every single warship that the Ukrainians manage to sink or at least damage.

Plucky and ingenious Ukrainians have been targeted the Russian battleships in the Black Sea and the Azov Sea with missile batteries from the coast.

Putin invaded Ukraine with almost 200,000 heavily armed soldiers and a vast advantage in military equipment back on February 24.

Instead of giving in and capitulating, as the Russians were hoping, Ukraine defended courageously and effectively, causing huge losses to Putin’s hordes.

(Wikipedia photo)

Fired Cruise Missiles at Ukrainian Cities

The destruction of another major Russian naval vessel, the Admiral Makarov frigate, was first announced on social media by Ukrainian government adviser Anton Gerashchenko.

It was later confirmed by Ukrainian member of Parliament Oleksiy Goncharenko.

Goncharenko represents the city of Odesa, a city of one million people. This is a Black Sea port in southwest Ukraine, which also hosts the largest Ukrainian naval base.

He posted on his Telegram channel (after reports by local media that another Russian warship was hit by Ukraine in the middle of the Black Sea) that it has now been established the vessel in question is the Admiral Makarov frigate.

Goncharenko was unable to confirm whether the Russian frigate sank, but he said in any case, it suffered substantial damage and caught fire.

Subsequently, dim footage released by Turkish media showed a burning warship claimed to be precisely the Admiral Makarov frigate.

The Ukrainian parliament member said, “the god of the seas” has taken revenge on the Russians.

This is considered a strong hint that Putin’s frigate was hit by at least one Neptune missile, a Ukrainian-made modification of old-school Soviet-Era anti-ship missiles.

The Moskva Cruiser, a huge Russian warship, was sunk last month after it got hit by two Ukrainian Neptune missiles fired from the coast.

Even so, it is a wonder that it sunk, considering the fact the Neptunes are made for destroying vessels that are at least twice smaller.

Goncharenko noted Admiral Grigorov killed many Ukrainians by firing Kalibr cruise missiles at Ukrainian cities multiple times since the start of the war.

In his words, the destroyed frigate remained afloat for the time being.

There were also reports that the Russians have sent rescue ships and airplanes to the site of Admiral Grigorov from their naval base at Sevastopol on the tip of the Crimean Peninsula that Putin stole from Ukraine back in 2014.