Ukraine Destroys Big Russian Warship in Major Blow to Putin’s Invasion

(Snapshot from social media footages shows the destruction of the Russian tank carrier ship Orsk in Berdyansk)

In a highly unexpected development, the Ukrainian military dealt Russian invaders a major blow by destroying a large Russian warship recently showcased in propaganda footage of Moscow state television.

Putin’s invasion of Ukraine has become a miserable failure for Russia’s once much feared military, with Russian soldiers describing it as a “sh*tshow”, as the all-out meltdown of their units is becoming increasingly obvious.

Using Russia’s Propaganda to Take Out Its Military Assets

On Thursday, the Ukrainians managed to strike and reportedly destroy the Orsk, a large Russian landing ship capable of carrying 20 tanks or 40 armored vehicles.

The Orsk was hit by a Ukrainian missile while it was anchored in the port of Berdyansk, a port city of about 100,000 people on the Sea of Azov. Berdyansk was among the first bigger Ukrainian towns to be captured by the Russians.

The irony about the major blow Ukrainians have managed to deal to Putin’s brutes is the Orsk landing ship was showcased three days ago in a propaganda report on Zvezda TV, the television channel of the Russian military.

(Snapshot from social media footages shows the destruction of the Russian tank carrier ship Orsk in Berdyansk)

Destroying a Putin ‘Alligator’

The Orsk is a 370-feet long Alligator-class tank carrier of the Russian Navy.

It has become the biggest Russian military vessel to have been destroyed in the war in Ukraine so far. Prior to that, the Ukrainians managed to sink three other Russian ships.

According to H.I. Sutton, a British naval analyst cited by The Daily Mail, there is no doubt what exploded in the port of Berdyansk is exactly an Alligator-class ship.

The destruction of the Orsk is yet another major humiliation for Putin’s military in Ukraine, considering how superior the Russian Navy has been to the Ukrainian Navy in the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov.

Let’s also not forget the fact that the tank carrier seemed to be safely anchored in a port and territory fully controlled by Russia.

Meanwhile, on Thursday, the Ukrainian military launched local, but tangible, counter-offensives against the Russians at three major spots: west and northwest of the capital Kyiv, where several thousand of Putin’s troops might be surrounded and captured.

The counteroffensives also extended to the east near the city of Kharkiv and the Russian border, which is just 20 miles away, and in the south, towards Kherson, a city of 300,000 people, the only big Ukrainian city that the Russian invaders managed to conquer.

The terrible military failure in Ukraine, which Russia had been bragging it could conquer in 72 hours, coupled with the devastating US and other western sanctions, led to reports there is a very high risk of Putin getting deposed by the FSB, Russia’s successor to Soviet intelligence service KGB.