Two New Polls Show Abysmal Results for Sleepy Joe, Democrats

It remains a sheer mystery the extent to which the Democrats are actually aware they are wreaking havoc and inflicting enormous damage upon the nation.

Democrat pundits and lefty talking heads almost invariably project that air of an unpleasant surprise when they are commenting on fresh results from public opinion surveys showing steadily plummeting approval ratings for Biden and Democrats.

This is due to Biden-flation, the supply chain crisis, the deliberate illegal immigration invasion of the country, the humiliating catastrophe in Afghanistan, and the still-raging COVID-19 pandemic.

Let’s not also forget the imposing of critical race theory on innocent, young American kids, sowing hatred and conflict in communities throughout the nation.

Biden, Democrats Perform Below Expectations

Two new public opinion surveys have just demonstrated the collapsing approval that the American public exhibits for both Biden and his party.

The first of the newly announced polls is about whether the performance of both the Democrat occupant of the White House and his party met the expectations of American voters.

According to the results of the survey, a total of 42% of Americans think Biden has achieved less than he was expected to. Another 38% say his accomplishments are about the same they expected, and 11% said he achieved more than they thought he would.

According to 41% of those surveyed, congressional Democrats have done worse than expected. A total of 32% say the Democrats got done in Congress about as much as they were expecting, while 10% say Biden’s party has exceeded expectations.

The poll in question was conducted by Politico and Morning Consult between December 18 and December 20.

Staggering Disapproval Among Independents

Another fresh survey also focused on measuring Sleepy Joe Biden’s actual approval and disapproval levels. It seems to be deemed especially alarming to Democrat strategists because it shows a steep decline of Biden’s approval among Independent voters.

A total of 41% of Americans approve of Biden’s performance since he occupied the White House 11 months ago. At the same time, however, a total of 55% of the respondents said they disapprove of him, including 44% who said they disapprove strongly.

Biden’s overall disapproval rate is now 20% higher than it was at the start of his term, according to the same poll.

The poll in question was conducted by Marist College and NPR/PBS News Hour on December 11-13. It polled a total of 1,400 American adults, and 1,310 US registered voters.

The same poll also found a whopping 99% of Republican voters disapprove of Joe Biden’s performance, while 87% of Democrat voters do approve of him.

Among Independents, Biden’s approval was just 29%, with about two-third disapproving, and half of those disapproving strongly of Sleepy Joe’s accomplishments – or lack thereof.

The numbers of both those disapproving and strongly disapproving of Biden have spiked by no fewer than 30 percentage points since he entered the White House.