Trump Wanted to Bomb Mexico to Crush Drug Cartels

President Trump came really close to taking a very radical, decisive step towards cracking down on the Mexican drug cartels.

A Supposedly ‘Outrageous’ Revelation

The revelation comes from an upcoming book by Mark Esper, who served as secretary of defense under Trump for about 1.5 years, but the two of them did not part on good terms.

Esper’s book offers insight into how decisive President Trump was with respect to the dire need to tackle the criminal monstrosities of the Mexican drug cartels.

The revelation that Trump wanted to carry out strikes against the Mexican criminals is also in line with him nearly making the decision to declare drug cartels terrorist organizations.

This was a move from which he was dissuaded by his advisers at the last minute.

According to Esper, Trump proposed his administration should quietly launch missile strikes against targets inside Mexico, which would “take out” narcotics labs.

According to the former defense secretary’s account, Trump was “angered” by the fact drugs are pouring in through the southern border.

POTUS 45 asked Esper whether the US military could fire missiles into Mexico in order to “destroy the drug labs.” He made that proposition not once, but twice, seemingly caring about the issue of how porous the US-Mexican border had become.

More Evidence Trump Was Right

It is well-known that Trump managed to secure the border to a great degree.

Meanwhile, the Biden administration allowed at least 2.035 million illegal immigrants to just waltz into the United States, last year alone.

In 2021, America also saw its highest number of drug overdose deaths ever; no doubt courtesy of all the fentanyl Biden and his woke stooges are allowing to get in.

Esper also quotes Trump as having a pretty accurate assessment of Mexico as a semi-failed state.

Trump told Esper that Mexican authorities “don’t have control” over “their own country.”  He was also “dismissive” of Mexico’s communist president, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, and apparently with good reason.

Esper thought Trump was joking when the latter suggested the missile strikes could be done covertly.

The former president was apparently seeking zero publicity from such a military operation, just the results of cutting down the influx of illicit narcotics wreaking havoc on American youth.

Esper’s book itself, in which Esper calls Trump both “erratic” and “an unprincipled person” who shouldn’t be holding public office, is due to come out on Tuesday.

For whatever reason, Esper was also outraged by Trump seeking information about his options as president, in regards to the deployment of the US military along the southern border.

Trump likewise sought to learn about the potential to activate US troops to fend off violent BLM riots in June 2020. These riots terrorized large parts of the United States with arson, looting, and destruction.