Trump to Attend Assassinated Japanese Leader’s Funeral

Former President Trump revealed to Breitbart News that he is debating going to the burial of murdered ex-Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

He is in contact with Abe’s family about that now.

Trump’s Decision

When asked if he will go to Abe’s burial, Trump responded, “We’re gonna see how it goes.”

Trump then lauded Abe as unique and a true friend. After attending a campaign event in Nevada, Trump made the remarks in an exclusive conversation backstage.

Trump addressed a crowded auditorium at the Treasure Island Resort & Casino on the Las Vegas Strip for over an hour.

When Trump was president and Abe was prime minister, they were each other’s best friends.

Trump and other international leaders may not have been as close; the two exchanged dozens of phone conversations, made many trips to each other’s nations, and even played golf together on numerous occasions.

In 2016, Abe was one of the first international leaders to acknowledge his victory. This was a crucial step for Trump when he became the president in early 2017.

Trump praised Abe, telling Breitbart News that “he was a fantastic man.”

Trump’s Comments

The former president said Abe was a “remarkable and amazing man,” revered by everybody. At the G7 summits, everyone respected Shinzo.

Abe’s departure undoubtedly creates a gap in the Indo-Pacific, a crucial geopolitical theater where the United States competes with China.

Meanwhile, the Chinese Communist Party seeks to consolidate its influence and take over the area.

Trump told Breitbart News he is not concerned that Japan will become weak. He claimed its present leaders were elected with Abe’s assistance, which was a critical component of the U.S. plan under Trump to confront a rising China.

Shinzo was largely responsible for the appointment of some very great politicians in Japan, according to Trump.

Trump also demanded the shooter who killed Abe pay a “steep price” during the opening of his address.

Before we get started, Trump expressed his heartfelt condolences to Shinzo Abe’s family: “He was a terrific, fantastic man.”

“He was an excellent leader. He was a harsh negotiator, as I well knew. This man had great moral bravery and was a wonderful person. I had a great friendship with Prime Minister Abe, who was also a great patriot.”

He was a persistent advocate for freedom, peace, and the valuable relationship between the United States and Japan; therefore, his murder is not only a terrible tragedy but also a tragic loss for the whole world.

“He will be sorely missed. Since I’m giving a lecture on law and order, I hope the criminal will be held accountable for the brilliance he stole from the world.”

We’ll have more from Trump’s most recent, in-depth discussion with Breitbart News here in Las Vegas.