Trump Sues Hillary’s Entire ‘Russian Collusion’ Lying, Spying Gang

President Donald Trump has launched a major retribution strike in the form of a lawsuit against the entire group of aides and allies of Hillary Clinton.

These folks cooked and propagated for years a conspiracy of lies that his 2016 presidential campaign colluded with Russia and its dictator Vladimir Putin.

Even Trump himself, who has gotten used to being viciously attacked by the left, admitted that he was really shaken up by these revelations.

Trump is Striking Back at the Entire Clinton Cabal

The Clinton campaign had tech collaborators spy on the internet traffic of the Trump Organization, and, in 2017, the White House Executive Office.

This was done to try and cook up “evidence” to back up their lies about Trump’s “collusion” with Putin.

Besides Hillary Clinton herself – who recently made headlines by getting infected with COVID – Trump is also suing an entire cohort of her plotters.

Those include then-FBI Director James Comey, former British spy Christopher Steele, PR consultant Charles Dolan, former Clinton campaign operative Jake Sullivan, two FBI agents, Lisa Page and Peter Strzok, Clinton campaign manager Robbie Mook, and the entire Democratic National Committee, among others.

President Trump’s suit uncompromisingly declares, as cited by The Daily Mail, that “Clinton and her cohorts” put together a conspiracy against the future president of the United States.

‘Unthinkable’ Affront to American Democracy

Trump’s suit elaborates that Clinton and her co-conspirers “falsified evidence” and “deceived law enforcement.” They “wove a false narrative” designed to lie to the American public that Trump was in collusion with a “hostile foreign” country.

Trump’s suit lists numerous crimes committed by Clinton and her aides in that regard, including “conspiracy to commit” falsehood, theft of trade secrets, and racketeering.

The legal complaint of 108 pages, which was filed by Trump’s lawyers in Florida’s Southern District, points out the plot began in 2016, before the presidential election in November of that year.

However, the conspiracy against Trump continued, even after Clinton got defeated in the 2016 presidential vote; its goal was to discredit the Trump administration and even remove the president from office.

The suit on Trump’s behalf was prepared by a legal team, which includes a new lawyer: Peter Ticktin. He served as Trump’s platoon sergeant at the time when both of them were attending the New York Military Academy.

Ticktin’s practice is based in Florida, about an hour’s drive from Mar-a-Lago, the estate where POTUS 45 resides.

In the lawsuit, Trump and his team accuse the defendants of seeking to “destroy” his “life and political career,” while “rigging” the 2016 election to guarantee a victory for Hillary Clinton.

The complaints accuses Clinton’s clique of staging its “malicious conspiracy” against Trump, while being “blinded by political ambition” to become the next president.