Trump: Pence Should’ve, Could’ve Overturned 2020 Election

President Trump issued a statement, declaring explicitly that previous Vice President Mike Pence not only had the right to overturn the results from the 2020 presidential election, but actually should have done so.

Changes to the Electoral Count Act

In his brief statement on Sunday night, Trump said that Pence, as the vice president and Senate president, actually had the authority to refuse to certify the 2020 election results.

In his statement, Trump denounced the Democrats’ efforts to amend the Electoral Count Act in a way that explicitly states the vice president only has a responsibility to count the votes cast by the Electoral College and is not there to override those.

Trump argued that if Pence didn’t have any right to change the results from the presidential election, Democrats wouldn’t be seeking to amend the Electoral Count Act.

The 45th president then described the push of Democrats and RINOs to change the Electoral Count Act as “desperate.” Trump charged this is evidence of the fact Pence could have altered the 2020 election outcome.

However, now the Democrats and their RINO aides are seeking to take away that right.

More from Trump

Trump then gave the strongest indication ever that he thought Pence really should have “exercised that power” to change the results from the votes in November 2020.

Trump declared unequivocally that “unfortunately,” Pence didn’t use his authority to do that, and said Pence “could have overturned” the election. The law in question is a crucial piece of legislation governing the resolution of disputes over vote counting.

There have been reports by mainstream media, such as CNN, that Rudy Guiliani and other officials of the Trump campaign “plotted” an effort to bring together “alternate” pro-Trump electors.

According to the allegations about such a plot, on January 6, Mike Pence was supposed to count their votes, instead of the votes cast by the actual members of the Electoral College.

As electors came together in state capitals across the US on December 14, 2020 to cast their votes within the Electoral College, Stephen Miller, a Trump adviser, announced on Fox News “the alternate slate” of electors in disputed states would also vote and those results would be submitted to Congress.

Before the January 6, 2021 joint session of the two chambers of Congress, Mike Pence already issued a statement that he believed he did not have the power to overturn the 2020 election results.

Trump’s new statement came after, on Saturday night, he told a mass rally in Texas that he would pardon those sentenced over the January 6 events at the Capitol.

In the meantime, on Saturday, Mike Pence defended the anti-illegal immigration and border protection policies of the Trump administration, compared with the unprecedented crisis caused by Sleepy Joe Biden.