DOJ Official Exposes Trump-Russia ‘Collusion’ Plot as Fake

(TV footage snapshot shows Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussman)

The allegations claiming a “collusion” between President Trump and the regime of Russian tyrant Vladimir Putin existed have been exposed further as fake by John Durham, the Special Counsel of the Department of Justice

This comes in a fresh batch of revelations on the forged “conspiracy” peddled for years by the mainstream leftist media.

Dealing Another Blow to the Collusion Lie

Back in February, Durham dealt a deadly blow to claims that President Trump and the Putin regime were in collusion during the 2016 presidential election.

In a court filing back then, the DOJ official revealed that Clinton campaign aides spied on the internet traffic of Trump’s companies, and later on the Executive Office of the White House, to find data to serve the made-up narrative about Trump being in bed with Putin.

In a fresh court filing from Friday, April 15, Special Counsel John Durham, dealt a new blow to the lie about the Trump – Russia collusion.

Both court filings in question refer to the trial of Michael Sussman, a lawyer for the Clinton campaign in 2016, who is on trial for lying to the FBI and the CIA.

At the time, Sussman lied to the FBI about not working for the Clinton campaign.

He gave the feds “white papers” and “purported data,” supposedly exposing a “covert communication channel” between Trump and Alfa Bank, a major Russian oligarch-owned bank tied to the Kremlin.

(Quote from Durham’s new court filing)

At Least the CIA Got It Right

In February 2017, Sussman also gave the same kind of “information” to the CIA, which Durham revealed in the new court filing, as reported by Fox News.

The CIA concluded the “information” they were being fed by the Clinton lawyer wasn’t true.

Durham further revealed the data provided to the CIA about the made-up “collusion” isn’t “technically plausible” and is instead “user-created.”

In the court documents he just filed for Sussman’s trial, the DOJ official reveals the FBI didn’t arrive at an “ultimate conclusion” on the accuracy of data they got from the Clinton lawyer.

However, at the start of February 2017, the CIA found the fake data given to them by Sussman didn’t “withstand technical scrutiny”, suffered from “gaps,” “conflicted with [itself]”, and wasn’t machine-or-tool-generated.

The Special Counsel writes this is supposed to enable the jury to decide whether Sussmann’s alleged lie may have “influenced or impaired government functions.”

In the same court filing, Durham reveals in 2016, Sussman met with former UK intelligence agent Christopher Steele. It was after their meeting to discuss “the Russian connection” that Steel wrote the notorious dossier, claiming Trump is connected to Russia.

The compiling of the fake dossier is reported to have been funded by the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee through the law firm Perkins Coie, where Michael Sussman is a partner.