Trump Rips Biden for Making America ‘So Low’ and ‘Much Weaker’

President Donald Trump has painted the true picture of the catastrophes that Joe Biden is inflicting upon America. (Shutterstock)

Joe Biden has barely been in the White House for 11 months now, and the American people are experiencing the worst inflation in 40 years and a shocking supply chain crisis causing Soviet Union-style goods shortages.

America furthermore faces an economy that added only 210,000 jobs in November, a tsunami of illegal immigrants nearing two million in the past year, and an increasingly aggressive China and Russia are rolling back US positions and terrorizing US allies.

While Sleepy Joe’s approval rating is declining, there is a tendency among the mainstream media to cover up the true scope of all the crises stemming from his administration. President Trump, however, has spoken out to expose all the failures of the Biden administration.

Biden ‘Totally Weakened Us’

America isn’t esteemed anymore around the world, and, which is probably the worst of all, by our enemies, such as China, Russia, and radical Islamist terrorists, Trump told Breitbart News in a lengthy interview.

The 45th president lambasted the horrendous illegal immigration crisis at the US-Mexican border, caused entirely by Biden’s undoing of Trump’s highly successful policies to stem the influx of illegals and to secure the border.

Trump recalled how during his term, the nation had “the strongest border” in its history, and now it is by far “the weakest”. Trump then completely ripped Biden on the latter’s botched pullout from Afghanistan, which has catastrophic consequences for America’s standing on the world stage.

While Trump praised the great US military, he lambasted the “television generals,” such as Mark Milley, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Trump stated further Iran was ready to sign a deal on its potentially dangerous nuclear program with the US a week after the 2020 election…if Trump had remained in office. Now, Iran wouldn’t even talk to the Biden administration.

The different between Trump’s term and Biden’s time in the White House translates into horrendous crises for America caused by the latter. (Shutterstock)

The former president recalled that during his time in office, Taiwan wasn’t even mentioned in talks with China and its leader Xi Jinping. It was unthinkable for the Chinese to stage any provocations against the island republic allied with the US, which Beijing claims as its territory.

Trump also said during his term, Putin wasn’t even considering invading Ukraine. Part of all of that was due to the fact Trump “got along great” with the likes of Putin, Xi, and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

All those leaders of America’s adversaries understood the United States was strong and firm under Trump’s leadership. “They understood aggression against the US and its allies was off-limits,” Trump added.

‘Horror Shows’ of the Biden Economy

Trump then blasted Biden on the horrendous state of the US economy, emphasizing how American families now have to “spend much more” on the holiday season. All of that is the fault of nobody but Empty Shelves Joe and the Democrats.

Trump described the true state of affairs as “horror shows” of half-empty department stores, stressing Americans are paying much more than before. Yet, they are still unable to buy what they need, simply because of the supply chain crisis.

Americans “can’t do anything” because of the inflation and the goods shortage, Trump said, as he declared no one has seen anything like this in American history.

The 45th president of the US stated also that matters such as supply chain shortages “were simply unthinkable” up until “Biden messed things up”  for us.