Trump Deals Heaviest Blow to Transgenderism By Utilizing LeBron James

President Donald Trump delivered a devastating blow to transgenderism and gender ideology in his first speech in Washington, DC.

He mercilessly mocked the practice of men competing against women in sports by saying he would convince NBA superstar LeBron James to “transition” and play for an imagined Trump women’s basketball team.

Transgenderism Gone Berserk

Trump’s speech, which lasted for more than one hour, was largely focused on his promises to crack down on rampant crime, homelessness, and illegal immigration, among numerous other abject failures of the Biden administration.

However, one of the most memorable parts of his speech was a severe blow that he dealt to the absurdity of transgenderism.

One of the most moronic aspects of transgenderism allowed to stand by today’s American public is the practice of men claiming to be women getting to compete against girls and women in female sports.

The transgenderism “athletics” is already robbing countless female athletes of the fruits of their labor, not to mention how it is shredding to pieces long-fought-for women’s rights.

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Getting LeBron to ‘Transition’ Will Do It

In his speech in Washington, DC, on Tuesday night, President Trump took direct aim at transgenderism and, in particular, at “trans” sports.

This empowers any male suffering from a complete lack of morals and dignity to just say he is a “woman” and compete against females where he would invariably enjoy a physical advantage.

Interestingly, for some reason, transgender “athletes” are usually males claiming to be females to compete against females, and hardly ever females claiming to be males to compete against males.

In fact, women pretending to be men, i.e. “trans men”, still get to compete in female sports competitions.

Exposing the absolute absurdity of “trans” athletes, in his speech, Trump declared he would be “the greatest” coach of a women’s basketball team in history. He laid out his plans as to how he would achieve that, mocking transgenderism in sports.

Trump explained he doesn’t really like NBA superstar LeBron James; he likes basketball legend Michael Jordan much more.

However, for the sake of being successful in transgender sports, he joked he would go to LeBron James, and ask him if he ever wanted “to be a woman.”

When he gets James to “transition”, Trump said, he would get “the greatest” women’s basketball team in history, which would “never lose.”

He even predicted that nobody – no rival female team – would get “within 70 points” of that team.

In his speech, POTUS 45 worried the ideology of transgenderism, like many other evils of today’s Marxist-Communist progressivism, is going to see the United States end up like the failed socialist state of Venezuela or, even worse, like the former Soviet Union.