Trump Calls Out Biden’s ‘Political Theater’ in January 6 Speech

After Biden gave a speech on Thursday filled with overhyped dramatism about the January 6, 2021 storming of the US Capitol, President Trump reacted immediately. Trump called out the grotesque “political theater” performed by Sleepy Joe.

In his speech out of the US Capitol on Thursday morning, alongside equally unpopular Vice President Kamala Harris, Empty Shelves Joe accused Trump of all kinds of sins his Democrat caretakers could think of.

These include the “creation” of a “web of lies” about the 2020 presidential election, seeking to destroy America’s democracy, and placing “ego” and “power” over “principle” and America’s national interests.

Biden Deflecting Americans’ Attention from His Abject Failures

Trump issued three statements, one quickly after the other.

He emphasized that Biden is “working hard” to “defect” the attention of the American public from “the incompetent job” he’s done since taking over the White House.

The former president then said Biden’s remarks were nothing more than “political theater” to distract from Biden “completely and totally” failing as the commander-in-chief.

Trump insisted “everything” Biden gets to touch “turns to failure” and added this is the natural outcome from “a rigged election.”

In particular, Trump enumerated Biden imposing completely open borders by stating the United States “no longer has borders” left.

After mentioning Biden’s “horrible withdrawal” in Afghanistan that led to the rise of radical Taliban terrorists (who are now helping al-Qaeda rebuild to attack America once again), Trump said this threw the US military “in chaos.”

Trump further dwelled on Biden’s “disastrous energy policies”, which totally wiped out the nation’s impressive energy independence.

Finally, the former president lambasted Biden’s “unconstitutional” mask and vaccine mandates, along with the “devastating school closures” against the backdrop of Biden’s all-out loss of control of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Which is the Real ‘Big Lie’?

Trump was particularly outraged that Biden used his name in order to “further divide America.”

He asked rhetorically why the “rigged” 2020 presidential election isn’t discussed by RINOs and Democrats on the January 6 committee.

Trump went further by suggesting Biden and the Democrats just want to “cancel” any conversations over potential fraud during the 2020 election.

He added the 2020 election numbers aren’t “justifiable” in themselves, which is why the mainstream, leftist media keep speaking of Trump’s “Big Lie,” whereas he said that should refer to the very election itself.

Trump, however, noted Democrats should be allowed to have their way of stoking fears and division in the country, simply because the American people are able to see right “through their lies and polarizations.”

The former president did point out because of all the disasters caused so far by the Biden administration, the great American nation seems to have “lost its confidence” in the world, probably for the first time ever.