Trudeau Brutally Crushes Canada’s Freedom Convoy Trucker Protesters

Canada’s far-left Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has unleashed a brutal, bloody crackdown on the Canadian Freedom Convoy truckers in the capital Ottawa.

Unleashing Brutes in Military Gear Upon Freedom-Loving Truckers

Over 100 of Canada’s Freedom truckers and other protesters in Ottawa were forcefully arrested on Friday night; hundreds of heavily armed police officers were set off against them on Trudeau’s orders.

At the same time, at least 21 trucks and other vehicles used by the protesters in the Canadian capital were captured by the Trudeau government.

The police crackdown which bloodied the protest used armored vehicles, horse-mounted officers, and pepper spray.

The brutal, forceful onslaught against the anti-restrictions protesters started with a police alert warning that anyone on the “unlawful” protest side could be arrested.

In one case, the police in riot gear broke the window of a truck in order to pull out a Freedom Convoy trucker and arrest him.

Those protesters who stood their ground were violently taken down, handcuffed, and removed by pairs of police officers, many of them sustaining bleeding wounds as a result.

On Thursday, “liberal” Trudeau had two of the Canadian protest organizers arrested – Chris Barber and Tamara Lich; on Friday, a third organizer, Pat King, was also caught.

Nobody ‘Has Passed Away’

In one particularly shocking police act, armed police officers surrounded a SUV used by nurses and containing medical supplies for the protesters.

The officers smashed its window in order to search it, discover and “confirm” there weren’t any weapons inside the vehicle. After that, the police let the protesters go and told them to have the SUV window repaired.

In spite of the numerous photos showing the bloodied faces of protesters and seeming incidents of police brutality, the Ottawa police unleashed by pro-Communist Marxist Justin Trudeau posted a questionable tweet.

They declared nobody has gotten “seriously injured” and nobody “passed away” during “today’s police actions”. The Ottawa police also claimed its top priority is “safety”.

The Canadian authorities of the Trudeau regime kept telling the Freedom Convoy truckers to leave the protest zone in Ottawa’s downtown.

There have been days and even weeks of speculation as to if Trudeau would resort to brutal force in order to crush the freedom-loving demonstrators whose lives have already been destroying by the far-left government’s COVID-19 measures.

The police forces that Trudeau sent against the protesters included the “Surete du Quebec” riot cops, who are described as “fearsome” and are clad in green military-style gear, including gas guns and gas masks.

Some of the other police units that tackled the Canadian Freedom Convoy truckers and other protesters were carrying rubber bullet guns.

Protester organizers were urging the demonstrators to “hold the line” as Trudeau’s brutes started to pick them out and violently take them down one by one.