Biden’s Top Trans Official Comes For America’s Kids

In a particularly outrageous, harrowing demonstration, the highest-ranking transgender official in the Biden administration has moved to promote “sex changing” among America’s innocent children.

This is happening by telling lies that all pediatric doctors agree “gender-affirming care” is great.

Unhinged Transgenderism on the March

The extremist radical left has been pushing transgenderism, also known as “gender ideology,” upon the American people.

In recent years, the anti-human crusade of the progressive communists to brainwash America’s most innocent into believing they can and must change their sex has reached monstrous proportions.

Last year, Biden announced the promotion of trans doctor Rachel Levine, formerly Richard Levine, to Assistant Secretary of Health.

Biden’s male-female admiral Rachel Levine has now literally gone on the offensive to push harder for the gender transitioning of children in US society.

Lying about Pro-Transgenderism ‘Consensus’

Levine lied in a recent NPR interview, saying all pediatricians are in favor of giving children and teenagers “gender-affirming care”, a gruesome euphemism for the sex-change process.

Levine’s lie is outrageous, given the fact there is finally growing opposition all over the West to the Marxist transgenderism insanity, with more doctors daring to speak out against destroying young children’s bodies with puberty blockers.

In her interview, Biden’s male-female admiral claimed there is “zero debate among medical professionals” with respect to the “value and importance” of the abomination known as “gender-affirming care.”

To lend further credence and legitimacy to it, she also listed five or six bodies on “transgender health”, medicine and psychiatry that established a “standard” for treating “trans individuals.”

Levine’s outrageous lies came in response to a recent release by Florida Surgeon General Joseph Lapado.

As it turns out, the Florida surgeon general strongly encouraged children and teens to never “transition”, i.e. mutilate themselves to make transgender Marxists happy.

The Florida Health Department clearly stated there is a “lack of conclusive evidence” about the safety of hellish medications such as hormones and puberty blockers. He then went on to mention the likelihood of “irreversible effects”, as cited by The Daily Mail.

The use of puberty blockers has been blasted recently by leading doctors who are transgender themselves, clinical psychologist Erica Anderson and vaginoplasty specialists.

At present, there is a huge public outrage in Sweden.

This is one of the most liberal-leftist, and pro-transgender western nations. In this particular nation, puberty blocker “treatment” of 440 “transgender children” in the Karolinska University Hospital has left 13 of them with “catastrophic” health consequences.

Since common sense and basic human decency don’t ever matter to Marxists, it’s safe to assume that they won’t be swayed in their transgenderism rampage by some destroyed fates and lives.

It is very scary that this is all being pushed by a top US health official, along with Sleepy Joe.