Tragedy in Cleveland Turns Liberal Mom Against Democrats

The crime wave that’s swept across this country is truly disturbing. It reached an apex after the death of George Floyd. The media and leftist politicians cheered on Black Lives Matter and Antifa in looting and burning our cities.

Though it’s far from a recent issue. In fact, from Detroit to Los Angeles, Democratic policies have been steadily making America’s cities more dangerous in every way imaginable.

This includes cashless bail and other insane reforms shortening punishment for violent crime. It also involves treating the inner cities and minority communities as afterthoughts who are only good to hit up for votes every few years.

One mother found this out in the worst way possible and says she won’t be voting for Democrats ever again.

Meet Erica Ingram

Erica Ingram is from Cleveland, Ohio and she’s always voted Democrat. Whereas now she says the “weak” Democrat Party and their lack of “compassion” turned her against them.

In fact, she’ll likely be voting for the Republicans this year and particularly Senate nominee JD Vance to represent Ohio.

Three years ago, Ingram experienced a horrific tragedy no mother should ever face when her son Rakeem, 24, was gunned down in front of her house.

Cleveland is run by Democrat Mayor Justin Bibb. He came into office at the start of this year, promising to upgrade public safety and make the city a better place to live.

Cleveland is in deep trouble. It had a homicide rate of 179 in 2020 and 165 last year. More than half of Cleveland residents say they are very worried about the level of violent crime going on in their city.

Biden Trying to Play Both Sides

Biden has tried to play both sides of the law and order issue, claiming he supports police, but formerly giving a pass to abolish the police nonsense after Floyd.

In fact, VP Kamala Harris even tweeted out a bail fund link on social media to help criminals arrested during the riots!

People like Ingram have very good reason to not trust Biden or the left on facing down crime.

The truth is frustration with the left is far from a conservative issue. Many liberals and centrist Democrats are getting very sick of what their party and the left are doing on crime.

Remember San Francisco DA Chesa Boudin being recalled in June?

This was a shot across the bow, letting progressives know even rainbow enclaves like SF had more than enough of the soft-on-crime nonsense that brought us to these dangerous levels of crime.

A Million Voters

Over one million voters have changed party affiliation to the GOP in the past year. That’s big numbers.

A big part of it is because of the lies and incompetence of the left on crime and their condescending attitude to minorities and inner-city residents.

Get ready for a red wave.