Town’s Entire Police Force Quits Over Woke Bullying

Wokeism is a big problem in America. It’s more or less a cult of victimhood that teaches America is evil and white people, families, and heterosexuality are bad.

There are many more complicated words for it that can be used, but that’s the essence. This ideology has wormed its way into many of our schools, government offices, legal proceedings, and more.

It’s not just in the big cities either. Small towns are suffering under the weight of far-left propaganda and bullies as well.

Police Force Quits After Woke Bully Tries To Push Them Around

Kenly, North Carolina is a tiny town located about an hour east of Raleigh. It has only 2,000 inhabitants and a small police force that does its job to keep locals safe.

Now, however, the town has a full-on emergency after the police force and various others in the town handed in their resignations. The reason, they say, is a new town manager who was hired and has been making their lives a living hell.

Kenly’s police department usually has eight officers but has already been running shorthanded at five officers. With the resignation of Chief Josh Gibson and the other four, it now has zero.

Several other workers in the municipal town hall also gave in their notice of resignation, saying they won’t work anymore under newly-hired, far-left town manager Justine Jones, who took over early in June.

What’s So Bad About Justine Jones?

Jones came in to run the town last month and she isn’t popular at all. According to Gibson and his fellow cops, from the moment she set foot in the door, she bullied and harassed them.

The Johnston County sheriff said he and his officers would be there to cover this gap, but more or less this is a case of a town whose police had enough of being pushed around by a woke fanatic.

According to Gibson’s complaints, Jones made their job impossible to do by using bullying tactics and woke talking points constantly, threatening the officers.

Her track record speaks for itself as well, with a lawsuit against her last employer, in a South Carolina town, who she accused of illegal discrimination against her for being a woman and black.

The lawsuit against Richland County, South Carolina was actually withdrawn by her. It turns out she’s just trash-talked everyone and then said they were racist when people got tired of the negativity.

There’s woke-ism for you…

The Bottom Line

Kenly needs more cops, but Gibson and his officers say they won’t be back for as long as Jones is in charge.

The message they’re sending is clear: enough of this far-left agenda, bullying, and other forms of highly unacceptable behavior.

This article appeared in Mainstpress and has been published here with permission.