Top GOP Senator Takes Big Step Against Establishment Corruption

The establishment elite of both parties have serious corruption problems. Instead of using their positions of responsibility to improve the situation of the American people, they use their power to stuff their own pockets and sell out their districts.

This is far from a new revelation and it’s why President Trump gained so much support when he promised to “drain the swamp.”

It’s also why Senator Rand Paul’s campaign to stop the “Washington machine” has also been such a success. The American people are tired of the bull crap and tired of the lies.

Now, Senator Josh Hawley of Missouri is taking steps to start cutting away the fat of the establishment elite and hit them where it hurts.

Hawley Goes After Insider Trading

Hawley recently posted a letter to Homeland Security calling for hearings on insider trading. This has become a serious issue as we have seen with people like Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi and many others.

As Hawley said, he and other members of various committees have been working for months to cut down on insider trading issues and enforce a new anti-insider-trading law in addition to the STOCK (Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge) Act.

Though despite their hard work and attention to this matter, Hawley lamented that people like Pelosi and her drunk-driving, elitist husband Paul are still making big bucks.

Polls show over 70% of US citizens concur that members of Congress should not be allowed to invest in stocks of any kind.

After all, when you’re that involved in deciding who wins and who loses, handing out contracts, and more, how can you fully avoid the kind of conflicts of interest that are sure to pop up?

This is a Serious Issue

As the country deals with runaway inflation, gas prices out of control, and the authoritarian tendencies of the Biden regime, this is also a very serious issue.

It’s not abstract or just about making a show in any way. Paul Pelosi recently bought Nvidia stock in huge chunks right before matters relating to it and other tech companies are due to come before Congress.

If that’s not corruption, I don’t know what is.

Hawley’s new law is called BITCA. It cracks down and regulates stock investing for Congress. It was put forward in January of this year but is now finally getting some traction.

The bill is fairly simple. Members of Congress and those directly related to them can’t buy or sell stocks while in office.

Those who take office with stocks have six months to dump them into a blind trust for the rest of the time they’re serving the American people.

The Bottom Line

Members of Congress will surely find ways to get around Hawley’s new law even if it passes. Though the renewed focus on this serious issue is timely and important.

This article appeared in Mainstpress and has been published here with permission.