These States Might Ban Gas Cars in the Near Future

Joe Biden and his regime made it crystal clear they have much more loyalty to globalism than they do to the United States.

Globalism seeks to establish a worldwide surveillance state of cashless currency and economic slaves who will do everything they say.

Part of this is switching to so-called “green energy” which they control. This is part of why they’ve been pushing so hard for everyone to switch to electric vehicles.

Now, California and a number of other states are on the cusp of banning gas-powered vehicles in the future. Is your state up on the chopping block as well? Let’s take a look at the details.

No Gas Cars By 2035

This past week, California put out a warning that due to high heat, the electric grid would be stressed; therefore, people shouldn’t charge their electric vehicles.

This is quite concerning to Golden State residents, considering their state wants everyone in electric vehicles and will ban gas cars by 2035, according to a state policy decision.

At this time, five more states are also planning to ban gas cars by 2035, namely Oregon, Massachusetts, New York, Washington, and Vermont.

Other states like Colorado and Pennsylvania say they’re not yet ready to talk about the future potential of banning gas vehicles and don’t plan to do so.

Specifically, California has the toughest rules in America about this subject, requiring that all new vehicles are electric or run on hydrogen by the year 2035.

If you want everyone in an electric-run tin box that can barely accelerate and randomly dies when its computer brain gets fried, the least you could do is provide a steady source of electricity so people know they can trust it.

This past week’s outage shows just how hare-brained this whole thing is: do what we say, even though we haven’t thought it through.

On the Borderline

In addition to the five gas ban states mentioned above, a number of other states also plan to put much stricter rules on gas emissions. They haven’t yet said they will ban gas-powered vehicles by 2035, but they’re certainly leaning in that direction.

These are Delaware, Maine, Connecticut, Maryland, New Mexico, New Jersey, DC, and Rhode Island.

With droughts and the concern rising over high temperatures, it’s not clear the electric grid can support millions of people charging their vehicles daily.

What’s worse is in addition to costing a ton of money to taxpayers and governments, switching to completely “green” energy just isn’t sustainable.

The result in the future is what we all already see: people being fined or impounded for driving gas vehicles. This will come with others having no means of transportation, while their sardine can electric vehicle lays around uncharged.

The Road Forward

Virginia’s Republican Party is trying to block these new ideas about only electric vehicles and is having some success.

This fight isn’t over, but watching the way California is headed is truly disturbing.

This is what happens when you let ideological fanatics take over the ship and do whatever they want. They ruin the economy and leave people stranded, broke, and abandoned on the side of the road.

This article appeared in Mainstpress and has been published here with permission.