The Democrats Are in Big Trouble Down South

The midterms are coming up in only two months; rivalries are mounting as candidates get ready to do battle.

One of these states is South Carolina, where a Democratic state representative named Krystle Matthews is trying to get rid of long-serving GOP Senator Tim Scott.

Matthews and Scott are both black. Though they relate to their identity very differently. For Scott, it’s a point of pride and part of his overall identity as a proud American.

For Matthews, being black entitles her to be hateful and judge people based on race. This is now blowing up in Matthews’ face and her own party is calling for her to quit the race. Yes, seriously.

Paranoia in the Palmetto State

Imagine if everything you said in public was captured on camera and available to the public. It would be a big invasion of privacy, particularly if you were having one-on-one conversations with somebody.

Though it would also be a revelation, because a lot of our most honest moments come when we know we’re talking with somebody we can trust and can speak our mind truly and openly.

This is what happened to Matthews. She was tricked into talking to an undercover journalist from Project Veritas.

Believing this individual was an ally who shared her views, Matthews opened up about her job as a state representative. In particular, she bared her soul about how she feels mostly representing white people. Hint: she thinks it is stupid.

She noted it’s important to “treat” Caucasian voters “like sh*t” in order to retain their loyalty. Yes, she said that on camera.

I Keep Whites ‘Under My Thumbs’

Speaking to the Project Veritas informant who was filming her, Matthews says she keeps whites in her district “under my thumbs” and feeds them guilt to get them to shut up.

She also said white people are like children and have no self-control or self-awareness; thus, they must be used and controlled by a strong black individual, such as herself who knows what’s best for them.

Matthews previously claimed her entire campaign is funded off drug money; so, she’s already had some missteps in her run for Senate.

Matthews already admitted it’s her talking in the recording and hasn’t tried to deny it. Therefore, you can at least give her credit for not trying to run away from her racism and owning it.

The Bottom Line

Members of the SC Democrat Party are calling for Matthews to drop out. If you ask me, she should stay in until the very end. Let’s see how long she can keep the “stupid” whites “under” her thumb.

If they like the toxic race hate and resentment that Matthews is selling, who am I to deny it to them?

This article appeared in StatesmanPost and has been published here with permission.