Texts Expose Chicago Mayor’s Foul Language with Council Members

Lots of embarrasing texts by Lori Lightfoot have been exposed through a FOA request. (Lightfoot's Twitter profile)

Lori Lightfoot, the Democrat mayor of Chicago, routinely uses highly obscene language in her communication with members of the Chicago city council, per documents obtained by the Chicago Tribune under the Freedom of Information Act.

Blaming It on ‘Tough Governing Business’

Lightfoot has been known for a number of controversial public statements. Those include declarations she made twice that she would be refusing to give interviews to white journalists.

It also includes accusations of racism towards reporters questioning her about the spiking violent crimes in Chicago, not to mention her acute disputes with the leadership of the city’s police union.

Most recently, Lightfoot sparked outrage by blaming retailers for not doing more for their own security, amid the spiking organized crime robberies in her city.

According to a report by the Chicago Tribune, Lightfoot has regular inclinations to resort to insults and verbal attacks against those whom she deems enemies to her administration.

As she was approached about the obscene language routinely used by Mayor Lightfoot, her press secretary, Cesar Rodriguez, issued a statement on Thursday, blaming this on the really “challenging times” the past two years have caused “for local elected leaders.”

She also emphasized the fact that “governing” can be a “tough business” and “get the best” of any single person.

Diverse Obscenities

Using the FOA and a threat of a lawsuit, the newspaper managed to get its hands on over 2.5 years’ worth of text messages between the mayor and Chicago officials. In one case, Lightfoot called an unidentified city official a “dumb, dumb person of color”.

In another, she addressed Alderman Brendan Reilly in a conversation as a “bush league” – apparently because, in her opinion, he was taking direct action that he shouldn’t have been taking.

As she was texting with another member of the city council, the Democrat mayor called Alderman Byron Sigcho-Lopez a “jacka**”. That was in response to a text by Alderman Nick Sposato, who texted her “Shitso is an A**HOLE”.

One of the milder offenses the Chicago mayor’s texts reveal is calling Alderman Raymond Lopez “the peacock”.

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot is using surprisingly obscene wording in her texts with city aldermen. (Shutterstock)

Alderman Chris Taliaferro suggested during looting and civil unrest after the George Floyd murder in 2020 that the city institute a curfew; Lightfoot responded she was “getting s***” whenever she tried to “implement anything” in terms of order and policing measures.

As the city council was about to vote on Chicago’s 2020 budget, the mayor told black Aldermen they shouldn’t come to her “for s***,” unless they voted in favor of her budget.

Later, Alderman Walter Burnett messaged Lightfoot that her obscene text damaged her efforts to secure a sufficient number of votes.