Tape Exposes Total Panic on Russian Missile Cruiser Sunk By Ukraine  

(Social media footage snapshot shows the sinking of the Mosvka cruiser in the Black Sea)

An audio clip released by the government of Ukraine is believed to be from the final moments of the Moskva, the powerful Russian missile cruiser sunk by Ukrainians on April 13.

It exposes the total panic on board Putin’s vessels, with a crew member frantically calling out for help.

Ukraine Without Navy, Yet Still Crushing Russia’s Navy

The sinking of the Moskva has been the biggest naval victory of Ukrainians in their valiant defense against the Russian invasion.

It was a resounding humiliation for the Russian military and Moscow’s bloody dictator, Vladimir Putin.

Practically devoid of a navy, Ukrainians didn’t give up the naval fight. They inflicted shocking losses on the Russian Navy, using missiles fired from the coast, as well as drone strikes.

The destroyed or badly damaged Russian ships include cutters, landing boats, a brand-new frigate, one large landing vessel, and Putin’s favorite parade boat.

It also includes the spectacular striking and sinking last month of the Moskva cruiser, which carried dozens of ballistic missiles and may have even had nuclear warheads on board.

According to the Ukrainian government, the Moskva cruiser was destroyed after being hit with two Neptune missiles, a Ukrainian modification of old Soviet anti-ship missiles.

As news about the sinking of the Moskva hit social and mainstream media, the Putin regime first claimed there was a fire aboard the ship caused by an accident of a serviceman.

However, a three-second video clip emerged days later, showing the Moskva as it was tilting to its side and just about to sink.

(Wikipedia photo shows the Mosvka cruiser back in 2012, 10 years before it found a permanent home on the bottom of the Black Sea with help from two Ukrainian missiles)

Frantic Calls For Help By Panicked Crew Member

A newly leaked audio clip of 42 seconds contains a recording of a panicked member aboard the Russian cruiser frantically sending a call for help to a Russian tugboat.

This seems to confirm the account of Ukrainians and images seen in the very short video.

In the recording, against the backdrop of blaring sirens, the Russian crew member states he is “Moscow 1” as he is trying to contact a tugboat nearby, apparently already providing help to the missile cruiser.

The panicked sailor says he has no contact with the bridge of the ship, and only silence is coming from there. His last words in the recording are the ship has no way of moving, and a crew rescue will be attempted.

Besides the recording of the panic on the Moskva, another lingering mystery humiliating to Moscow appears to be unraveling.

Head of the Russian Navy in the Black Sea, Admiral Igor Osipov, hasn’t been seen in public since a month ago, leading to the conclusion he must have been aboard the destroyed cruiser.

The Moskva had a crew of about 510 sailors, not to mention any additional Russian naval officers, such as Osipov, who may have been on board the flagship.

It remains unknown how many of them may have been saved as the cruiser went to the bottom of the Black Sea.