Suspect Charged in Murders of New Mexico Muslims

A string of killings of Muslim men in New Mexico set the local community and the country on edge.

The liberal media was going wild with speculation that some kind of anti-Muslim “white supremacist” was out there stalking and killing innocent Muslims.

Now, the Albuquerque police announced a suspect has been arrested and charged in two of the murders of the Muslim men. He is also the top suspect in the murder of the other two.

The man who has been charged is an Afghani-American Muslim.

Police Announce Arrest of Muhammad Syed

Police announced the arrest of Muhammed Syed, who they say was acquainted with two of the murdered men.

He was cuffed during a traffic stop about 100 miles outside of Albuquerque and has been hit with two counts of homicide. He is also being investigated for two of the other murders.

New Mexico’s Muslim community is relieved a suspect has been arrested after fearing there was some serial killer on the loose targeting them.

The murders started in November of 2021 and were followed by a trio of more slayings in the summer of this year, including as recently as August 5.

The murders may include additional hate crime charges and are believed to have possibly been the result of sectarian violence. The Muslim world includes strong disagreements between the Sunni Muslim denomination and the Shi’ite Muslim denomination.

The accused is a Sunni while the men are Shi’ites. Albuquerque police are confirming they do believe an “interpersonal” disagreement of some kind may have precipitated the horrific ambush homicides.

Digging Deeper

Although police say “motives” are still being looked into, it’s clear there was drama going on. Syed’s daughter recently married a Shi’ite man, which would be a great dishonor to a proud Sunni Muslim, such as Syed.

Was this an honor killing?

The investigation remains ongoing, but it’s clear at this point, this isn’t about “white supremacy” and what Teen Vogue and others wish it was about. Even Joe Biden put out a statement hinting this was about racism or bad conservatives.

The victims are 62-year-old Mohammad Ahmadi, 25-year-old Pakistani man Naeem Hussain, Muhammad Hussain, 27, and Aftab Hussein, 41. Hussain and Hussein both attended the same mosque, which is another tie police are looking into here.

The murders Syed has been charged with are for Muhammad Hussain and Aftab Hussein, after ballistic evidence tied their shootings to a gun in his residence.

Charges are expected soon in the murders of Naeem Hussain and Mohammad Ahmadi.

The Bottom Line

Our media needs to stop trying to encourage and imagine hate crimes around every corner. There is already enough division in this country without stoking more of it.

If this does turn out to be a religiously-motivated honor killing, will Joe Biden still speak out against it or will he and the left turn away and pretend it is just a “family” issue?

This article appeared in StatesmanPost and has been published here with permission.