State Department Official in Hot Water Over Gas Prices Comment

Gas prices today stand as one of the leading and most painful challenges faced by the American public. People are reducing how much time they spend driving to afford going bankrupt.

Meanwhile, with everything else becoming more expensive, just affording to live and make rent each month is posing a problem for most of the country.

Biden continues to remain asleep at the wheel and behind the curve when it comes to gas prices. Ultimately, both he and his administration are more committed to climate change policies than to meeting the moment and helping lower energy costs.

Now, one official with the State Department is under fire for tweeting out that he actually finds higher gas prices to be preferable, per Fox News.

A Terrible Look For the State Department

Alan Eyre works as a senior foreign service officer for the nation’s State Department. Meanwhile, his tweet that praises high gas prices on the basis of them being better for reducing CO2 and driving rates has not gone over well.

Eyre immediately faced intense backlash, so much so that he deleted both the offending tweet and his Twitter account altogether. The State Department aide was lambasted as a sadistic “ghoul” who’s terribly out of touch with the country.

Before nuking his own Twitter account, Eyre tried to defend himself by saying that gas prices in the 1970s engendered a surge in renewables before asking people to “be kind.”

The State Department aide was promptly reminded that cheering on a situation that’s causing many Americans serious financial hardship isn’t “kind” in the slightest.

A Tone-deaf Federal Government

This State Department aide is far from the only official to make comments about gas prices that show a certain disregard for Americans.

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg has been slammed for branding high gas prices as motivation for Americans to purchase electric vehicles.

Most people can’t afford these vehicles, in the first place; secondly, electric vehicles have become notorious for depending upon charging stations which aren’t all that reliable.

Many officials within the federal government don’t seem to understand (or care to comprehend) the issues facing everyday Americans. This doesn’t bode well for the president, his administration, or other departments.

Polling continues to demonstrate that most people think this country is on the wrong track and it’s been that way for quite some time. Thus far, the State Department has yet to release any public remarks about the recent comments from Eyre.

What do you think about a senior aide working for the State Department tweeting out that he prefers higher prices of gas? Do you believe he should face disciplinary action within the State Department? You’re welcome to share your views with us in the area for comments.

This article appeared in New Vision News and has been published here with permission.