Star Trek Icon William Shatner Speaks Out Against Woke Extremism

The late Gene Roddenberry started his Star Trek saga in 1964. At first, he was not successful in his series after it started airing on NBC television.

However, in 1966, at NBC’s request, Roddenberry reworked the series and it started becoming extremely popular.

From then on, to this day, Star Trek is one of the most popular series in the world. Its fame has expanded so much that its characters and storylines have been turned into many different movies, cartoons, magazines, comics, books, games, and fanfictions.

Currently, the latest versions are available on Paramount’s streaming services. The star of the original Star Trek, William Shatner, is now speaking out against what Paramount is doing with

Shatner Slams the Woke Left

On Saturday, July 23, during the Comic-Con event in San Diego Comic-Con, Shatner opened up about what’s been going on in Paramount’s new show. He’s not a fan, to say the least.

In fact, he feels Paramount’s new woke Star Trek is shameful and Roddenberry would be “rolling over in his grave.”

Those are some pretty strong words! Shatner’s not kidding, either. As he pointed out, Roddenberry even named a ship after the Constitution and was a “conservative.”

Shatner himself leans more right. He isn’t a big fan of political correctness, but like so many others in Hollywood, his voice has mostly been ignored for that precise reason.

Shatner said Roddenberry would not be at all happy to see how the series is these days.

Roddenberry died in 1991. He was so successful in his career as a TV screenwriter that he gained a star on the Walk of Fame. His ashes were taken into space, and so metaphorically, it is present eternally in the Star Trek universe.

Roddenberry’s Legacy

Roddenberry was a very serious screenwriter with his own line of ideas regarding the series.

After Roddenberry’s death, the producers began to have freedom in the creative process and created a new line of ideas for the show.

Jonathan Frakes, star and director of Star Trek, directed episodes of Jean-Luc Picard in the Next Generation. Frakes said Roddenberry would never have accepted anything like this, either.

This year, Star Trek episodes revolve around the U.S. in the year 2024 and feature a number of showdowns between the more traditional Star Trek crews and a new, more woke version of Star Fleet officers.

It’s basically an obvious metaphor of progressives disliking conservatives and using Roddenberry’s show as a vehicle for that.

Shatner is Right

Shatner is absolutely right! Roddenberry would never write anything like this new Paramount series, let alone broadcast it on TV.

Shatner, during the interview, reacted comically when asked what he thought of Star Wars which he got confused about.

Shatner is sometimes a very comic figure who makes us laugh, but his thoughts on the new woke Star Trek are right on the mark.

This article appeared in FreshOffThePress and has been published here with permission.