POLL: Spiking Political Polarization Fast-tracks US Towards Civil War

The United States of America is rapidly moving in the direction of a second Civil War, at least according to a recent public opinion poll.

This comes against the backdrop of spiking political polarization in American society, as far-left radicalism has practically come to power on the wings of the Biden administration and the Democrat-dominated Congress.

Marxism Succeeds in Fueling Warfare in America

The progressivism dominating the Democrat Party and the federal government under Biden is nothing short of a reinvented brand of Marxism-Communism. That seems to be reflected in recent public opinion polls.

According to one new poll, more than half of Republican voters, a high percentage of the Democrat electorate, and overall nearly half of all American voters are convinced the United States is set on the path of “another Civil War.”

The share of the GOP electorate thinking this is what’s in store for the US is 53%, while 39% – also a high number – of the Democrat voters are found to also believe this as well.

The share of American voters overall is 44%, while the timeframe for a second US Civil War set by the question is “the near future.”

The poll deserves to be taken with a pinch of salt. It was conducted by Tulchin Research and the “Southern Poverty Law Center”, the latter being a pronouncedly far-left, woke organization.

This survey was conducted before the race-based mass shooting in Buffalo on May 14, in which the 18-year-old shooter deliberately targeted black people.

(Southern Poverty Law Center)

Willing to Harm the Other Side

Another section of the poll found about a fifth of Americans might approve of the assassination of a political figure who may be considered as “harming” the nation or the state of American democracy.

Even more remarkably, a question about whether “some violence” might be needed in order to “get [America] back on track” found a whopping 44% of young male Democrat voters agree with that proposition.

So do 40% of young female Republican voters.

According to the results, almost 70% of all Republican voters believe leftist politicians are deliberately causing economic and social changes in the United States to marginalize “conservative white voters.”

This is a possible left-wing strategy that may be taking various forms, including the dumbfounding policy of the Biden administration to stimulate gigantic illegal immigration of third world people into America.

As per the Southern Poverty Law Center’s own conclusion based on the poll results – which sounds like an admission – today’s America features a “great deal of hostility” towards “people” who are on opposing “side of the political aisle.”

It does emphasize a majority of both Republicans and Democrats are convinced the other side “poses a threat” to the nation and are therefore inclined toward “harming their political opponents.”

The far-leftist organization then shyly concludes the level of “animosity” could end up “fueling political violence.”